Are you starting a new business in the UK? If you are setting up your new Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership in the UK, then you will be assigned a unique Company Registration Number (CRN) upon incorporation. This CRN will be your limited company unique identifier as an independent legal entity doing business in the UK.

First and foremost, you obviously need to register your new Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (or LLP) at Companies House which is the official public registrar of companies in the UK. It is during this initial setting up process, you will be assigned a registration number. Once assigned, a registration number cannot be changed – even if the company name is changed.

What Is a Company Registration Number?

Company Registration number(CRN) is an eight-digit number that uniquely identifies your limited company or private limited company. Depending on what the company is, what type of company it is as well as where it’s registered means it may take a slightly different form. A guide to the different forms that a Company Registration can take are shown below:

Registered office jurisdictionCompany registration number examples
England and Wales, Wales01234567 (Limited Company)
OC555555 (LLP)
LP003139 (Limited Partnership)
ScotlandSC123456 (Limited Company)
SO305443 (LLP)
SL002900 (Limited Partnership)
Northern IrelandNI123456 (Limited Company)
R0000284 (Older Limited Company)
NC001306 (LLP)
NL000107 (Limited Partnership)

THERE ARE MORE – Please Research and Include, such as Community Interest Companies and Foreign companies.

How to find company registration number?

There are several ways to search company registration numbers online. It is displayed next to the company names on the public register of companies. Hence, you can carry out a Companies House check company registration in the UK. Besides that, there are various online experts available who have access to UK company credit reports, you can also check company director information and essential company information (including company registration details).

You can use the Companies House Service or the Companies House WebCheck to find a CRN, both of these services are free of charge to access. Alternatively, you can create a free account with one such service provider like DataGardener to check the company registration number online along with other relevant company information.

Where must the company registration number be displayed?

Your CRN has to be displayed on certain official business items such as the company website, email signatures, receipts, invoices, order forms for example, and it is highly recommended to include it on other documents as well, such as brochures, faxes, compliments slips, leaflets and other promotional materials.

You will also need to display your CRN in the following situations:

  • At the time of registering your limited company for Corporation Tax PAYE and/ or VAT.
  • For sending annual accounts and annual confirmation statements to Companies House.
  • Removing and/ or appointing new directors, LLP members or company secretaries.
  • Changing the name or registered office address.
  • Filing Company Tax Returns, paying corporation tax and VAT, as well as submitting VAT Return to HMRC.
  • Changing your company’s trading status (e.g., from “active” to “dormant”for example).
  • At the time of issuing dividend vouchers to shareholders or selling shares .

Where can I find my company registration number?

Firstly, when you receive your certificate of incorporation from Companies House, you will see your unique registration number displayed on top of that document. Apart from that, all official documentation (statutory mails) sent by Companies House will contain your registration number of company. You can also look for your CRN in the public register of UK companies – Companies House. It is displayed along side your company name.

Ultimately, you can just run a search using Companies House Web Check to find your CRN. You can also use other online assistance to look for company check, that search using companies house registration numbers.

How Can a DataGardener Help?

DataGardener is a leading data platform specializing in the provision of valuable company information to help you find a company using a Registration Number is one of the easiest things you can do on such a platform.

If you are looking for the CRN of your limited company or that of any other company in the UK, then they are the best people to use. Even if you are not a DataGardener customer, you can just create a free account with them and search for company details at any time.

They make available to you all relevant company information, including company names, registration details, registered office address, financial information, director information, and many much more. So, if you are a business owner or simply searching for this type of data, have a look and check the registration number of any company with DataGardener.


Your Companies House Registration Number is one of the most vital things among all the important company details. You will need this unique identifier in many situations and circumstances throughout the lifetime of your limited company, limited liability partnership or entity.

Always make sure that you do not confuse your CRN with the other essential and unique company numbers. For instance, do not confuse CRN with your VAT number, UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) or Employee Reference Number. You can approach DataGardener any time to access or view any type of company information online .

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