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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

We do not allow going above plan limits at the moment, if you need to access, please get in contact.

We do not charge anyone without their confirmation, so no accidental charges.

All of the information we hold on our clients is highly secure. We use high level encryption and two-factor authorisation.

We have users from Fintech, startups, financial crime investigation and many other industries.

We have a number of different plans depending on what you’re looking to accomplish and budget. We have a free plan as well as paid plans. All of the paid plans have a one-week trial option (but you won’t be able to export reports and data lists on the trials).

No, you are not required to give us your details to undertake a trial

You can just email to grow@datagardener.com and we wouldn’t charge you again.

You can pay for your subscription using a credit or debit card. For clients that have larger accounts or technology integration we can invoice you 30 days in arrears.

API development is quite broad and we can achieve different levels of service so if this is something of interest then you would be best placed to pick up the phone to us and discuss your requirements.

If you exceed your export limit, there would be a pop-up warning asking if you wanted to proceed. You would then be charged the cost of the download in addition to you monthly subscription cost outlined for the relevant plan you are on

We understand that requirements change so yes, you can.