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Finding Ideal Prospects for Brokers

How DataGardener's Lending Solution empowers you to identify potential clients and set off on a journey to new horizons in the world of lending by exploring a wealth of lending opportunities. A step-by-step guide of how DataGardener can assist brokers in finding their ideal lending clients and their contact Information with relevant details.

DataGardener's Lending Intelligence
Helping you find land and property ownership information

What is DataGardener's Lending Intelligence Tool?

DataGardener's Lending Intelligence Tool helps you research and understand the secured lending market. When combined with our Business Intelligence Tool, it enables you to find new lending opportunities.

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Understand The Lending Market In More Detail

Grow, optimise and streamline your view of the lending market with DataGardener’s new and innovative Lending Intelligence Tool

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Deeper Insights that Accelerate New Business Acquisition

We provide you with the data you need to make those vital connections that will take your business forward.

Helping you find land and property ownership information

A Digital Solution For The Future Of Lending

DataGardener’s Lending Intelligence Tool is the ideal solution for commercial and corporate finance providers, FinTechs, commercial finance brokers, ancillary service providers to the commercial finance sector, banking, finance law and many others.

DataGardener alleviates the high costs of multiple business intelligence systems, and person-hours spent conducting research and analysis within commercial lending operations. It promotes transparency, improves risk management, provides customer insight and simplifies entry into new markets or business lines. We analyse data from 1000s of data points, so you don’t have to.

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Use Our Advanced Algorithm Tools and UK Charge Data To Your Advantage

Our Lending Intelligence Tool enables efficient analysis and prospecting across the lending market. It supports profitable growth by tightening control, streamlining workflows, and providing more timely and accurate data. Make manually searching through different data sources a thing of the past. We have created a seamless experience that takes the stress out of finding the data you need to take your deals from prospecting to closure more efficiently. See how our integrated solution puts deals in front of your sales team.

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Reduce The Time And Costs To Analyse The Lending Market

Being in the lending business takes tenacity, in-depth industry knowledge and an appetite for constant innovation. That’s why we developed a solution that takes care of all the hard work involved in searching and analysing UK Charge Data. By eliminating the associated manual processes, re-keying of data and duplication of efforts, our solution gets results.

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Interactive Data Visualisation Measure, Predict And Anticipate Exposure To Risk

In combination with our Lending Intelligence Tool, our Premium licence features provide dynamic customer intelligence that your Underwriting and Business Development teams need to make better decisions.

With a spectrum of analytics options, including charge status data, news feeds, Director/Shareholder data, full credit and company reports, risk profiles, and automated tools to monitor changes and evaluate customer acquisition, we help you drive profitable growth.

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Financial Filters
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Customisable Financial Filters

Data optimisation of key variables that enable you to search within your credit policy criteria, functional requirements or target groups. Many financial institutions dream of a single collaborative platform, DataGardener’s Lending Intelligence Tool enables organisations to quickly and strategically grow, optimise, and streamline their processes. It provides extensive capabilities at every level of your analysis:-

  • Access over 1 Million Charge records.
  • Enhanced search capabilities through charge-type keyword tagging
  • Filter by the lender, type of charges, turnover, industry, region, year of charge registration and renewal month