Company API

Company Data API

The perfect solution to access data required for the analysis of a Company, Director or PSC – direct to your system.

Using our API capabilities, you can connect with our database to streamline client onboarding, making internal processes much more efficient.


Why choose our solution?

  • You will get all the company data on the go.
  • You will get the JSON file of the company data sent to your system.
  • Enhance your client on-boarding processes exponentially and remove human error.

What is included?

All available company information, including but not limited to:

  • Company API – Company Details
  • Finance API – Financial Data
  • Land Registry API – Corporate Land Data
  • Related Companies and Directors Data
  • Document Data and more.

How is this implemented?

  • We simply provide you with a User ID, API Access Token and API link.
  • Your system simply makes an API call using the company registration number and all the data is pushed to your system.