Property and Land Intelligence

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Targeting Companies That Own Land

A step by step on how to target companies that own land on DataGardener.

Land and Property Search
Helping you find land and property ownership information

Property And Land Searches

By integrating data from HM Land Registry and overlaying this with our multiple other datasets, you can gain incredible insights into the property market, particularly the ownership of property by corporate entities. This is extremely useful data around the activities involved with buying, developing and selling property and all associated professions.

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Complete Land Registry Database

Anyone buying or selling land or property, must apply to HM Land Registry to register a property or change of land ownership. DataGardener holds information from the Land Registry database as well as the lesser-known Corporate Land Registry subset of data.

Land Registry
Helping you find land and property ownership information

Having Difficulties With Land registry

Have you ever tried using the HM Land Registry website? It is complex, cumbersome and does not allow you to drill down with searches in the way you really want.

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Helping You Find Land And Property Ownership Information

That is why we developed the DataGardener Property and Land Intelligence tool. You can now interrogate the system in a way that works for you. DataGardener allows you to undertake searches in a way that is not possible using HM Land Registry itself. If you are looking for a specific property then the land and property search provided by HM Land Registry is adequate, but if you’re looking to undertake parameter-driven searches, we have the solution.

Land and Property Search
Web and apps

Corporate Land Search

Our parameter-driven search allows you to overlay the Land Registry data, such as ownership, location, property value and property type, with all our other datasets at the same time. If you are looking to understand more about UK corporate property transactions or looking to find a property and crucially which corporate entity owns a specific peice of land, then look no further – we can help.

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Corporate Land Registry Database

DataGardener allows a user to see ‘behind the curtain’ of the property dealings of businesses. If you want to know about the financial standing, security or property deals of another business then this is the portal for you. It allows you to make commercial decisions on who to partner with, what the terms might be and whether you seek security to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

HM (Her Majesty’s) Land Registry is the government non-ministerial department. It was established in 1862 registering the ownership of the land and property in Wales and England. This department of UK reports directly to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

HM Land Registry holds the register of ownership of all land and property in England and Wales. It provides the owners with an entitlement that is given by law. The department also provides a title plan indicating the land or property boundaries. Once the property is listed on the register, HM Land Registry UK is responsible for updating the register with changes in the ownership, leases, or mortgages information.

The data that is available at the Land Registry can be downloaded easily, but there is a small fee for it. For an online copy of the title plan or the title register the site charges £3. DataGardener can also provide copies of the title deeds for the same cost.

  • Purchase Price – You can search by the minimum cost and maximum cost with this filter and you will only get results pertaining to those lands that fall within this range.
  • Address – The property can be searched using the specific building name, number or street.
  • Street, town, or city –It helps in refine the search to a large extent, and if you have a special interest in any town or city, it is advisable to use this filter.
  • County – Search by a specific county.
  • Postcode – Search by a specific postcode.
  • Build type – It is possible to put the filter depending on the building type. Be it an old build or a new build, the data can be refined.
  • Land Tenure –It is possible to access data based on whether they are on a leasehold or on freehold.
  • Property type – You can filter based on type, such as terraced properties, flats, semi-detached ones, or detached ones, etc.
  • Date of Transaction – Refine you searches based on transaction date.