International Trade Intelligence

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Business Updates on International Trade | UK Import and Export Data

How to use International Trade Intelligence on DataGardener's platform to analyse data on imports and exports, identify trends, find potential partners, assess risks, make informed decisions, and seize opportunities for international business growth.

International Trade
Helping you find land and property ownership information

What Is DataGardener's International Trade Intelligence Tool?

DataGardener's International Trade Intelligence tool provides a transparent view of all ongoings within the Import/Export market and the foreign exchange effect. Overlayed with other multiple datasets provides a unique and extremely powerful intelligence tool.

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Get Access To Our Unique International Trade Database

Our business intelligence platform is the perfect tool for businesses looking to unlock the potential of international trade. With access to our extensive international trade database, you can stay ahead of market trends, identify new trade partners, and make better-informed business decisions.

International Trade Search
Helping you find land and property ownership information

Identify New Trade Partners And Opportunities

With our international trade database, businesses can search for specific importers and exporters of specific commodity codes, which can help them identify new trade partners and prospective client opportunities.

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Exchange Rate Effect

Our International Trade Intelligence Tool allows you to search for companies who have been affected by the exchange rates as a result of Importing/Exporting.

Exchange Rate Effect
Risk Assessment
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Make Informed Decisions

With access to data and analysis, you can make informed decisions about your international trade strategy and capitalise on new opportunities.