Integrate Once and get Updated Data Always

Integrate DataGardener with Salesforce to power up your UK B2B data solutions. Get ready to generate hot leads, enrich your CRM records, and tap into top-notch B2B data to supercharge your sales cycles and skyrocket your win rates. It’s time to make precise, data-driven decisions for game-changing success!

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Integrate DataGardener with Salesforce for a smooth Sales and Marketing Process

DataGardener’s Salesforce AppExchange integration is the ultimate solution for lead generation and sales acceleration. Delete the hours of manual research and data entry. With DataGardener, you can instantly refine data, generate targeted lists, access contact details and keep a track of these leads, all at the same place.

Keep your CRM and marketing automation data accurate and up-to-date

Enhance Lead Generation

Increase leads & pipeline with advanced insights and real-time signals.

Maintain Accurate Prospect Data

Update existing and incoming prospect data regularly. This ensures that the information stored within your CRM is always current and accurate.

Improve Sales Productivity

Boost sales productivity with real-time insights and accurate contact data, freeing up time for selling.

Need a break from copying, pasting, and wasting time on manual data entry?

Imagine having 1000s of leads in your CRM and updating them with the latest data. How much time will you take in finding this information and doing the manual entry? For us it can be done only with one click. 

Our Salesforce integration not only helps you find the list of leads that fall under your Ideal Customer profile but also helps you fetch the latest data on your existing prospects/customers.

Unlimited B2B Prospecting Database

Use millions of contacts to build a list that converts more prospects into customers quickly.

The most accurate B2B intelligence and contact data

Deep B2B intelligence and fresh, up-to-date business contact data to help you uncover valuable opportunities, stay ahead of competitors, and increase your deal closure rate by 70%.

Accelerate your results with actionable data in minutes and achieve your targets faster

Save time on prospecting​

Efficiently, maximise productivity and reach prospects at scale immediately.

Streamlined CRM integration

Automated lead processing to fast-track them through the sales funnel.

When you integrate DataGardener with Salesforce, you’ll have a constant flow of updated data. This means you’ll always have the latest insights, contacts, and useful information at your fingertips. Once it’s set up, you won’t have to manually update your CRM—saving you time and ensuring accuracy. This one-time integration continually enriches your CRM, offering current information to support better decision-making.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Multiple teams across your organisation, including Sales, Marketing, Credit/Risk, Compliance, Customer Service, and Client Onboarding, can benefit from DataGardener’s business intelligence, prospecting, and action triggers. Our product can be used by any industry and team.

DataGardener allows you to segment and identify your target markets and push them directly into your Salesforce CRM. This helps you build a prospecting database and generate new leads.

DataGardener offers a solution to extract essential account and contact data effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can export seamless data directly into your preferred CRM, eliminating tedious manual data entry.

DataGardener provides access to more than 15 million companies, allowing you to build a list that converts more prospects into customers quickly. This unlimited B2B Prospecting Database can help you reach your revenue potential.

DataGardener maintains accurate and consistent B2B intelligence and contact data by providing the most reliable and up-to-date information. This deep intelligence and fresh business contact data enable informed decisions, staying ahead of competitors, and increasing deal closure rates.

Yes, DataGardener offers automated data updates to enhance Salesforce CRM records efficiently. Regularly updating existing and incoming prospect data can keep your CRM and marketing automation data accurate and current.

Yes, DataGardener provides access to compliant, high-quality B2B data, ensuring GDPR compliance.