Integrate Once and get Updated Data Always

Integrate DataGardener with Salesforce to power up your UK B2B data solutions. Get ready to generate hot leads, enrich your CRM records, and tap into top-notch B2B data to supercharge your sales cycles and skyrocket your win rates. It’s time to make precise, data-driven decisions for game-changing success!

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Integrate DataGardener with Salesforce for a smooth Sales and Marketing Process

DataGardener’s Salesforce AppExchange integration is the ultimate solution for lead generation and sales acceleration. Delete the hours of manual research and data entry. With DataGardener, you can instantly refine data, generate targeted lists, access contact details and keep a track of these leads, all at the same place.

Keep your CRM and marketing automation data accurate and up-to-date

Enhance Lead Generation

Increase leads & pipeline with advanced insights and real-time signals.

Maintain Accurate Prospect Data

Update existing and incoming prospect data regularly. This ensures that the information stored within your CRM is always current and accurate.

Improve Sales Productivity

Boost sales productivity with real-time insights and accurate contact data, freeing up time for selling.

Need a break from copying, pasting, and wasting time on manual data entry?