We provide comprehensive Financial data and Business Information on UK Companies.

Our data can be used for financial analysis by credit and risk professionals. It can be seamlessly integrated into another system by us, or you, and this data can be used for prospecting and marketing.

Business Information

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Your one-stop solution for business intelligence.

Our mission is to transform the way organisations discover opportunities, create meaningful relationships, and fully understand their portfolio by connecting rich information with intelligent technology.

Get Powerful Insights with Our New Advanced Company Credit Reports.

Comprehensive, Accurate, Real-time Commercial Information

DataGardener’s company credit reports enable you to instantly check a company’s financial health, helping you make quick and informed decisions about potential customers and suppliers.

Single company credit reports provide quick and easy access to company and director information from as little as £5 plus VAT per report.

Make Credit Decisions with Confidence.

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Company Information and Financial Data Solutions

Company Search

Company Search

Use our company search functionality to get an in-depth understanding of any company in the UK – including information on financials, directors and property.

Director Search

Director Search

Use our director search functionality to get information on specific directors in the UK and the companies that they are involved with. Discover relationships between directors and other directors.

B2B Marketing Data

B2B Marketing

If you are looking marketing lists, you can use a multi layered search functionality to find prospects using nearly 100 filters to find the right prospects.

Property and Land Searches

Property and Land Search

Use our Land Registry and Corporate Land Registry search functionality to see who owns what property in the UK.

Bespoke API Integration


API Integration

If you are looking to integrate data into your system via API then we can help with bespoke API builds at much reduced costs to that of our competitors.

DataGardener in conversation with Letsasi

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Watch our interview with Trevor Tanchel about his experience of implementing and integrating our API solution for Letsasi Limited, a financial crime investigator helping FinTechs and lenders identify related party and erroneous transactions.

Why we choose DataGardener?

At DataGardener, we recognise that we have all had a pretty tough time over the last year or so. Brexit, COVID and the related pressures on business. The economy has seen a slump the likes of which we have never seen before. To make matters worse the end may not be in sight. But we all must keep going. To make money, we dig deeper and work harder.

And the two main things that all in business are looking for right now are –

  1. Finding new prospects
  2. Knowing who you are dealing with

DataGardener has you covered on both counts here.

Knowing Who You are Dealing With

Knowing who you are dealing with has become more and more important. The global economy means that you can access new partners, find new customers – and this is exciting. But it can be quite scary at the same time. Dealing with people who you have never met before throws up a host of questions:

• Who exactly are these people?
• What is their background?
• Can I trust them?
• Will they pay me?
• Will they supply when they promise?

It is totally natural to have all of these questions in your head. Well, with DataGardener, wonder no more. Our company information allows you to make decisions armed with information. They say that knowledge is power. We put that power at your fingertips.

Finding New Prospects

We provide you with the data you need to make those vital connections that will take your business forward. We are constantly working in the background to ensure that the data you get is up to date and relevant for your needs. Rely on us to give you the competitive advantage your business needs.

You might have robust sales systems but need the right leads to drop into your funnel. But these are not always easy to come by. Unless you know the right places to look.

DataGardener has refined this process, using our system to bring you those contacts that will make a huge difference to your organisation.

You might be a new business, looking to launch an exciting new service or product. And you already know how difficult it is making those connections that expose your start-up to the world. We have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is DataGardener?

At DataGardener we provide both prospecting and KYC services.

Can I trust the data that you supply?

Our data is sourced from a variety of sources including Governmental Sources as well as one of the most trusted sources of financial information in Europe. We are trusted by Auditors, Accountants as well as Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigators.

We have a policy of replacing any inaccurate data with a 2 to 1 policy. In the event that a data file was inaccurate we would provide two records in its place.

How do I find information on a business?

The data we hold is all publicly available so one thing you could do is use Companies House. Since every company in the United Kingdom is required by law to file here you can rely on this data as it’s a matter of public record.

However, Companies House whilst being the source of some of the data – is not the most user friendly – even though they have made massive advances on this in recent years.

Searching for companies individually is easy, so getting information on one company is easy, however once you start doing this for multiple companies, you will soon realise the limitations. Also, in terms of user experience it leaves a lot to be desired, that is why our customers love us.

Do you provide global business data?

At present we only provide information on companies in the United Kingdom, but we’re looking to expand that to Europe and the United States.

If I download a credit report on a company will the company know that I have done so.

No. Our credit reports are based on very specific algorithms based on data in the public information.

How does a company appear and be available on DataGardener?

The very fact that a company has been incorporated at Companies House means that we will hold data on them. To be clear this information is already in the public domain as a matter of public record.

How does DataGardener get information on funding and Start Ups?

In respect of funding, as a matter of public record, companies file publicly available documents that we have access to showing shareholder information.

In respect of Start Ups – if a company is formed then we have that information since it’s a matter of public record.