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Once you understand how a director is linked to another company and directors, you can instantly connect with them by social media as we provide the links alongside their name. If you are looking to connect to a director, you can do so via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile link.

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Corporate Land Search

Search our Corporate Land listings and check detailed information on properties owned by corporates entities. Who are they? What did they pay for the land? When did they buy it and what other properties are in their portfolio?

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Print & Send

If you’re looking for an integrated marketing solution to send information directly to potential customers, then look no further.

Working with our partners, we give you the ability to quickly generate target lists which you can mail with your information to your clients directly.

Searching company near me? Locate companies quickly and easily by setting specific search criteria enabling you to search based on using postcode, county and town/city options. Set specific search areas based on a specific radius of a postcode to gather information on companies nearby.


As a lead generation and business development company, our fundamental start point for any campaign is the sourcing of quality data to work on for clients.

One of our legal clients wanted to develop a number of very specific company lists within Berkshire and Hampshire; Start-ups, those that had changed their names recently and companies that had recently changed directors.

“DataGardener adapted their very comprehensive database to allow them to produce the lists as required. At one point we effectively asked them to re-purpose their database to get us the lists we needed to target on behalf of our client. The get up and go attitude was very much appreciated and literally within 48 hours the team had the marketing lists we needed.”

LeadGen Solutions

WIS Accounting Limited are a specialist accountancy practise working with independent IT contractors to provide accounting services and bespoke insurance and mortgage products.

They were looking to target new start-up IT companies in a predefined area that were very likely consultancies. DataGardener produced data and marketing lists that were used and then sent to a direct mail specialist partner that undertook the printing, packing, stamping and posting of our direct mail.

“We were able to give DataGardener our data criteria and from that point on we didn’t have to worry about anything. They arranged the data lists and together with their partner had the entire direct mail process sorted without us even needing to get involved.”

“As a small business ourselves, knowing that we could trust them to get on with the brief and not have to worry was a massive relief.”

WIS Accountancy Solutions

As a VC, it’s really important for us to understand who we are potentially going to work with and we need to understand the track record of the management team.

Using DataGardener we were able to understand the management team of our last SEIS investment and used the system to drill down into the directors and see their track record. One thing that really stood out was the relationship tree. We were able to see exactly which other companies the team were involved in and also, interestingly, the potential conflicts of interest that could arise. We were able to conduct our due diligence that much better and we found this a particularly useful tool – alongside the ability to see the financial performance of all those companies.

I would recommend DataGardener for several reasons. Firstly, the system was easy to use and very intuitive. There were elements of the system that I have not come across on other databases which made our lives easier quite frankly!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is DataGardener?

At DataGardener we provide both prospecting and KYC services.

Can I trust the data that you supply?

Our data is sourced from a variety of sources including Governmental Sources as well as one of the most trusted sources of financial information in Europe. We are trusted by Auditors, Accountants as well as Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigators.

We have a policy of replacing any inaccurate data with a 2 to 1 policy. In the event that a data file was inaccurate we would provide two records in its place.

How do I find information on a business?

The data we hold is all publicly available so one thing you could do is use Companies House. Since every company in the United Kingdom is required by law to file here you can rely on this data as it’s a matter of public record.

However, Companies House whilst being the source of some of the data – is not the most user friendly – even though they have made massive advances on this in recent years.

Searching for companies individually is easy, so getting information on one company is easy, however once you start doing this for multiple companies, you will soon realise the limitations. Also, in terms of user experience it leaves a lot to be desired, that is why our customers love us.

Do you provide global business data?

At present we only provide information on companies in the United Kingdom, but we’re looking to expand that to Europe and the United States in 2021.

If I download a credit report on a company will the company know that I have done so.

No. Our credit reports are based on very specific algorithms based on data in the public information.

How does a company appear and be available on DataGardener?

The very fact that a company has been incorporated at Companies House means that we will hold data on them. To be clear this information is already in the public domain as a matter of public record.

How does DataGardener get information on funding and Start Ups?

In respect of funding, as a matter of public record, companies file publicly available documents that we have access to showing shareholder information.

In respect of Start Ups – if a company is formed then we have that information since it’s a matter of public record.