Import and Export Companies

How we can help Importers and Exporters

If you’re looking to Import goods into to the UK or exporting from the UK, at some point you’re going to need to develop clients target lists.

At DataGardener we can provide all the tools to enable you to define your target market according to your parameters and the means to contact them.

Import and Export

Credit and Risk Management

It’s also really important for businesses to know just who their potential customers are and what their financial strength really is.

DataGardener can provide you with the risk and credit management information on companies for both the onboarding stage and as an ongoing reporting tool by providing alerts on:

  • Late filing
  • Adverse flags
  • Credit reports
  • County Court Judgement – CCJ – Information
company data for importers and exporters

Finding New Customers for your New Business

As an importer or exporter, you need to be able to define your market, you need to be able to find those potential customers that fit your market and be able to contact them.

DataGardener can help you to focus your effort on the companies that fit your product or service and contact them.

Are you looking for wholesalers of footwear in the UK? Perhaps you are trying to find manufacturers of a specific component that you need to manufacturer and export something to Malaysia?

No matter who you are looking to target, we can help you find whatever you need by using our advanced search capabilities to filter on:

Marketing Data for Importers & Exporters

Use your search criteria to build new customer targets, lists or profiles and our social media connectivity to contact them.

Export and create personalised marketing lists.

Add notes directly on the DataGardener platform.

grow your business

We can also provide solutions that you need to contact those prospects by the most suitable social media channels or conventional means.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the risks of exporting?

Exporting and trading with outer countries carries all sorts of risks. There are risks politically, legally, financially, culturally, operationally and regulatory.

What are the risks of being involved in exporting and importing?

Where two entities from different countries are trading (or looking to trade) there are a number of risks that they face in respect of the above question, but specifically:

Risks for exporter

The real possibility of loss or damage to goods in transit.

You do not get paid.

Customer’s creditworthiness – especially where you may not be able to access information on his very easily.

Currency fluctuations and currency market volatility.

Delivery of substandard goods or services and lack of recourse.

Risks for importer

The real possibility of loss or damage to goods in transit.

supplier problems, including supplier failure to or failure to supply.

Logistical delays and potential hold-ups at entry points.

Performance risk.

Import duties or tax issues.

Hold up at a bonded warehouse.

Currency fluctuations and currency market volatility.

How do you mitigate export risks?

The first thing to do is research the country, the market and the laws that preside. Once you have thoroughly researched these things you will better understand the risks of that country and how to mitigate those risks.

Researching export markets online is a great start, this can help you gather valuable information which can be crucial to planning.

A first step is to check the foreign and commonwealth country profile and research the political situation/stability in the country and the trading relationship between the UK and that country.

Visit the country and try to establish partners there who can help you on your endeavours.

What does export risk policy mean?

Export risk policy usually means to insure against the commercial and political risks of not being paid under an export contract. The UK Government can also provide insurance protection to exporters against the unfair calling of contract bonds.

How to find importers online?

You can use a search engine to find them, but that is probably the least efficient way of doing it. You could always log in to DataGardener and search for a SIC (standard Industry Code) that contains the word import or search for a specific SIC code.

How to find agents for export business?

If you are looking export something to the United Kingdom and are located abroad then you can use the DataGardener platform to search for agents, or try using a search engine – but again, this is not the most efficient way of finding them.

How do I find a buyer UK?

If you are looking for a buyer in the United Kingdom, then you need to have an idea as to what that company looks like – a customer profile. The easiest and most effective way of doing this would be use DataGardener and build a list. You could refine your search using the search parameters such as location, industry and size.