Supplier Diversity and Inclusion

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Embracing Diversity in Business Leadership

Make informed decisions using critical information about market demographics, consumer behaviours, and industry trends specific to ethnic and non-ethnic minority businesses. This data allows you to tailor your strategies, products, and services to meet the diverse needs of your target markets, thereby enhancing competitiveness.

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Foster a creative and inclusive entrepreneurial landscape

Female-owned businesses have made significant strides in the business world, contributing to economic growth and innovation. DataGardener will help you connect with these enterprises led by women entrepreneurs, spanning various industries and sizes, bringing unique perspectives and approaches to your business.

Helping you find land and property ownership information

Connect with socially responsible B Corp. companies

Uncover companies that have achieved B Corp. Certification, a testament to their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Doing business with B Corp.-certified companies aligns with sustainability goals and ethical values, promoting a better future.

Deeper Insights that Accelerate New Business Acquisition

We provide you with the data you need to make those vital connections that will take your business forward.

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Simplify your search with business size insights

Determine the size of a business with our MSME classification tool. Whether you want to partner with a micro, small, or medium-sized enterprise, our platform makes it easy to identify and engage with the right companies for your needs.

Helping you find land and property ownership information

Understand director demographics for strategy insights

Search by director's age and gain insights into the age demographics of companies. Discover how many male and female directors are running the show. Age diversity can bring a fresh perspective to business strategies and decision-making.

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Engage with businesses headed by Military Veterans

Narrow your search criteria to identify businesses whose leaderships include Military Veterans. Military officers can be great leaders and even better mentors and often understand the value of diversity.