In the ever-evolving business world, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. One valuable resource that can fuel innovation, inform business strategies, and drive growth is patent data. This article explores what patents are, how they work, and the benefits of having access to patent data in B2B platforms. We will also explore how DataGardener, can help businesses leverage patent data to drive success.

What are Patents?

A patent is a legal protection the government grants to inventors, providing them exclusive rights to their inventions. It ensures that only the inventor’s permission for a specific period can make, use, or sell the invention. Patents cover many innovations, including new products, processes, technologies, and designs.

How Patents Work

To obtain a patent, inventors must go through a rigorous application process. They must demonstrate that their invention is novel, non-obvious, and useful. Once granted, patents give inventors a monopoly over their inventions, enabling them to profit from their creativity and effort.

Our Patent Data

Our patent data comprises a wealth of patent information, encompassing crucial details such as case status and filed dates, with regular weekly updates and an extensive data archive dating back to 2008, our patent database serves as a rich resource that sheds light on the ever-evolving landscape of innovation. By granting effortless access to key information like application numbers and titles, it empowers researchers to discern which companies possess patents in specific items or technologies, providing a deeper understanding of the intellectual property realm.

Discover the Value of Patent Data in B2B Platforms

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Access to patent data enables businesses to conduct comprehensive market research. By analysing patents filed within a specific industry, companies can identify emerging trends, potential gaps in the market, and areas for innovation.
  • Furthermore, it allows for competitive analysis by monitoring the patent activities of competitors, revealing their R&D strategies and technological advancements.

Product Development and R&D

  • Patent data is valuable for product and research and development (R&D) initiatives. It helps businesses identify existing patents that may impact their planned innovations, enabling them to navigate potential patent infringement issues.
  • Additionally, patent data provides insights into the latest technologies and advancements, inspiring new ideas and enhancing innovation.

Business Partnerships and Licensing Opportunities

  • B2B platforms with patent data facilitate collaboration and partnership opportunities. Businesses can explore licensing agreements, joint ventures, or strategic partnerships by identifying companies with relevant patents. Patent data empowers businesses to make informed decisions when seeking potential partners, saving time and resources by targeting the most pertinent and compatible organisations.

Top industries that have filed patents in the last five months

Let’s explore the diverse landscape of patent activity across various industries and highlight their contributions to innovation.

Manufacturing: Fueling Innovation Through Production

  • The manufacturing industry takes the lead in patent activity, accounting for an impressive 29.77% of all patents. This sector encompasses various activities, from producing machinery and equipment to creating new materials and technologies. Manufacturers continually seek patents to safeguard their inventions, driving advancements and technological progress.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Activities: Transforming Knowledge into Patents

  • With 26.63% of patents originating from this sector, professional, scientific, and technical activities demonstrate the critical role of expertise in innovation. This industry includes scientific research, engineering services, software development, and other knowledge-based professions. Patents in this field often represent ground-breaking discoveries, novel processes, and cutting-edge technological solutions.

Information and Communication: Pioneering the Digital Era

  • The information and communication sector, accounting for 8.41% of patents, is pivotal in shaping the digital landscape. Companies in this industry develop innovative software, communication technologies, and information systems that revolutionise how we connect and exchange information. Patents in this sector reflect advancements in telecommunications, data processing, software algorithms, and cybersecurity.

Wholesale and Retail Trade; Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles: Driving Commerce through Innovation

  • With 7.23% of patents, the wholesale and retail trade sector showcases the importance of innovation in commerce. Companies in this industry develop new distribution, logistics, and retail methods.
  • Additionally, patents in this sector may encompass advancements in vehicle repair technologies, customer experience, and e-commerce platforms.

Administrative and Support Service Activities: Enabling Efficiency through Innovation

The administrative and support service activities sector, accounting for 5.89% of patents, focuses on providing essential services to businesses. Patents in this industry often revolve around process optimisation, administrative software, supply chain management, and other innovations that streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Construction: Building the Future with Innovative Solutions

  • At 4.63%, the construction industry showcases its commitment to innovation and problem-solving. Patents in this sector represent advancements in construction materials, sustainable practices, building technologies, and architectural design. By protecting their inventions, construction companies drive progress and improve safety, sustainability, and efficiency in the built environment.

Financial and Insurance Activities: Innovating in the World of Finance

  • The financial and insurance activities sector, with 2.75% of patents, demonstrates the intersection of innovation and finance. Patents in this industry cover a wide range of financial technologies (FinTech), risk management solutions, insurance products, payment systems, and investment strategies. These inventions contribute to the evolution of financial services and facilitate economic growth.

Real Estate Activities: Transforming Property with Inventive Concepts

  • Accounting for 1.81% of patents, the real estate activities sector incorporates patents related to property management, real estate development, architectural design, and urban planning. Innovations in this industry focus on sustainable building practices, intelligent cities, energy-efficient infrastructure, and novel property management solutions.

How DataGardener Can Help Grow Your Business

DataGardener: Empowering Business Growth through Comprehensive Intelligence

DataGardener is a leading provider of business intelligence solutions designed to support businesses in their growth journeys. Our platform offers a wealth of comprehensive and up-to-date information, empowering organisations to make informed decisions and drive innovation. With a user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities, DataGardener allows users to efficiently access and analyse a wide range of business and financial data.

Unparalleled Market Insights with a Focus on Patents

At the core of DataGardener’s platform lies an extensive patent database, spanning from 2008 to the present. This vast collection of historical and current patent information provides businesses with comprehensive market insights and trend analysis. By harnessing the power of patent data, organisations can gain a competitive edge and drive their growth strategies forward.

Advanced Tools for Informed Decision-Making

DataGardener goes beyond raw data, offering a suite of tools that provide visualisations, analytics, and customised reports. Our platform enables businesses to identify key players in the market, analyse competitors’ patent activities, and uncover potential partnership opportunities. With DataGardener, organisations can make data-driven decisions and confidently navigate the complex business landscape.


In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, utilising the power of patent data is essential for driving growth and nurturing innovation. B2B platforms that offer access to extensive patent data have become indispensable for conducting efficient market research, facilitating product development, and identifying profitable partnership opportunities. With its cutting-edge tools and comprehensive patent data services, DataGardener empowers businesses to unlock their complete potential and fuel sustainable growth in this dynamic environment. By leveraging DataGardener’s advanced platform, businesses can gain valuable insights, stay ahead of competitors, and capitalise on untapped opportunities to flourish in the ever-changing marketplace. Click here to get in touch to learn more about our our patent data.

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