Finding company information is one of the most important things to access before even making the first contact with a business. It doesn’t matter if your intentions lie in investing or initiating a B2B interaction, knowing exactly what’s going on behind the scenes should be an essential factor in your decision-making. With that being said, it can usually be quite difficult to find accurate sources of information on a company, especially if they’re on the smaller side. Here are 5 of some of the best ways to find accurate and reliable business information:

1. Company websites

Looking on company websites may seem like the most obvious step, but it’s one that many people seem to forget. Find company information UK – financial information such as audits and annual reports tend to be published on a company’s main website, as well as other information such as press releases and advisories. The company website is essentially designed to be the first point of contact between a company and potential B2B customers or prospective investors, so it may have much more useful information than people give it credit for.

2. Google News

As well as looking for basic company information UK, Google News is excellent for finding out some of the latest news involving the company you’re interested in. This news can be a good indicator on the direction the company is going, as well as an early ‘red flag’ finder if the company has recently been in some kind of financial or legal trouble.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than just a way to connect with working professionals. It’s recently become quite well known for its large and growing B2B database, meaning that it’s likely that the company you’re looking for has a lot of company information on its LinkedIn page. However, sometimes smaller companies don’t decide to fill out their LinkedIn pages as much as they can, leaving out some key bits of information that you may have to find via other routes.

4. Reuters

Alongside being a multi-million-pound worldwide news outlet, Reuters provides a robust investor service used by thousands of people. It provides useful financial information such as quotes and profits as well as limited information on executives and analysts’ reports. For an investor looking for relevant fundamental company information UK to decide whether to take a gamble, Reuters is a great place to look.

5. DataGardener

Unlike some of the other services mentioned in this list, DataGardener doesn’t skew its search results towards one particular use such as investing. It instead provides an incredible amount of detailed company results ranging from director nationality and connections to vital shareholder information. Their company search function provides a quick and intuitive way for anyone to find anything they’re looking for, from B2B prospectors to part-time investors.

To find company information UK shouldn’t be a frustrating process. With these 5 avenues, finding the details you need to take the next step should be a cinch.

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