B2B Marketing Data

To help customers find the right information from our huge database and get the right results, it’s easy – simply set the parameters. We provide countless combinations of search options which will generate the results, specific to your requirement.

Using our multi-layered search parameters means that you can drill down on specific data sets, to constantly refine and enhance the results.

If you are looking for business data for marketing, trying to figure out how to find new customers
and how to get new business, then our list building capabilities will be invaluable. Use our parameters to get financial information for lead generation and contact information for B2B Sales and B2B Marketing.

Every business has ambitions but sometimes understanding how to grow can be a challenge. It could be as straight forward as simply finding new companies in my area or more complex such as finding high growth companies or company data.

Everyday there are thousands of new companies being registered and newly formed in the UK and our advanced search parameters means you can find out who they are!

B2B Marketing Data
Industry search

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Market sectors is a great place to start your search, and with our database you get to refine your search up to five levels, allowing you to go much further in the detail than other databases.

Not sure where to start? Simply start typing the first keyword and our database will gather all the related keywords and phrases, picking up information from the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) list and subcategories to give you a list of all the possible outcomes.

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Financial Filters

If you’ve ever had a spare moment to look at the scale of information available on Companies House, you’ll know it’s huge. We have all that data, and more importantly – we have the ability to help you search for prospective clients using the financial figures they have filed.

Are you looking to search for companies using specific financial parameters such as turnover, net assets, cash in the bank, liabilities – and more? Well, DataGardener has disseminated all of this information for you to allow searching using one or multiple filters so you can drill down on prospective clients.

This allows you to build bespoke marketing lists which can be saved, edited and exported, and ultimately – find new customers.

Industry search
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Advanced Filters

Explore every aspect of a company’s details using our diverse search parameters – Company Name or Registration Number, Industry, SIC Code, Specific Financial Parameters, Company Status, Company Category, Incorporation date, Company Age and Accounting Category. You can even set your preferences to what data a company must include or exclude.

This allows you to build bespoke marketing lists which can be saved, edited and exported.

Find a Company Address

Location Filters

Locate companies quickly and easily by setting specific search criteria enabling you to search based on using postcode, county and town/city options. Set specific search areas based on a specific radius of a postcode to gather information on companies nearby.

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Director search

Director Search

Directors & PSC Filters

Find out more about who is involved with a company. See their name, occupation, nationality, role, number of active members or directors within a company.

Using the ownership status details set your search around the name, nature of control, nationality and see who has ultimate control.

Charges Filters

If you are looking to see who has a charge over a company’s assets (also known as security or debentures) then you can refine your search results with the companies’ charges status most suitable to your search needs.

You can refine the search to see if the charges are active or satisfied, as well as who the name of the charge holder.

Charges details

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a company search?

A company search is the way in which you find out more information about companies that you are looking for.

How do I search for a companies?

You can search for companies by using a particular (or combination) of parameters such as Basic Filters like industry, status, age and financials (of which there are too many specific parameters to mention), as well as Location, Charges Information, Directors and some special/bespoke filters as well.

As each parameter is added to the search, the list you are building is refined, and refined, and refined – until you have the list that you are looking for.

How many B2B contacts can you offer?

We hold data on every company in the United Kingdom and with the data we have a certain amount of contact information. We hold records on 14 million companies and of those we have contact details on approximately 700,000 website addresses, 800,000 phone numbers with CTPS details.

How do I get b2b contacts?

There are numerous ways to get B2B contacts. Firstly, you could pick up the phone and ask for them. Secondly, you could buy a data list from a trustworthy source such as a data broker or a reputable company such as DataGardener.

What is the best b2b contact database?

This depend entirely on what you are looking for as to where you should go to look. No-one should ever claim that they have everything – it’s simply not possible. DataGardener is concerned with financial data and property data – so it stands to reason that our database would be in and around that area. In other words, we would have data on company directors, people responsible for finance etc.

The answer is that there is no one single best database of everything. We would always advise you to look around and get sample of the data before making any decisions.

What contact data do you hold?

We have all company information as well as website details, phone numbers (and CTPS status), generic email addresses and email addresses. We also have embedded LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter search links for companies and contacts.