Who is a company shareholder? What are the roles of a shareholder? Can the director of the company be a shareholder? Looking for any of these answers? This post is going to help.

Also known as ‘members’, shareholders are the owners of the company, defined by the number of shares. A shareholder can be anyone – an individual, a partnership, a bunch of people, any corporate entity, another organization, etc. To be one of them, it is a must to take a minimum of one share in the company. The number of shares and their value reflects how much of the business shareholders own. It evaluates their profit entitlement, decision power, and the extent to which they are liable for the company’s debts.

Want to know a company’s shareholder role and responsibility?

Typically, the role of the shareholder covers the following:

  • As per the shareholding, receiving a portion of the company’s profits.
  • Understanding the decision-making power provided to the director/s.
  • Contributing to fulfilling the company’s debts according to the liability.
  • Allotment and transfer of the shares of the company.
  • Determining the salaries of the directors and dividend structures.
  • Getting a portion of the surplus amount in case the company gets dissolved.
  • Obtain relevant information about corporate development for informed investment decisions.
  • Avoiding fraudulent and unethical securities trading or responding to non-disclosure of pricing information.
  • Active participation in shareholder meetings.

How many shareholders can register for a company in the UK?

In the UK, a private limited company must have at least one shareholder at the time of incorporation, but there is no upper limit on the maximum number of shareholders. As the company grows, more shareholders can be registered. 

All companies must register at Companies House and provide annual information about accounts and financials. While there are no restrictions on the total number of shareholders, Companies House only allows searches for shareholder information if the name or company number is known.

Can a shareholder be a director of the company?

In the United Kingdom, it is not unusual for a shareholder to also serve as a director of the business enterprise, especially amongst startups. However, it is critical to consider the business enterprise’s articles of association and applicable criminal policies to decide if that is allowed. While there’s usually no restriction on the variety of shareholders and directors an enterprise may have, it’s advisable to study the organisation’s governing documents and seek legal advice to ensure compliance with all laws. The specific dating among shareholders and administrators must be specified within the employer’s articles of association or shareholders’ settlement, and any adjustments to those roles must follow established procedures.

How to do Company Shareholder Search and what information is accessible to the public?

The information on the Companies House is for the public. When you search for a company, using the company name or company number, information related to the shareholders can be retrieved. The information comprises many things, and to name a few includes full name, type, service address, value, the amount paid or to be paid, etc.

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