Using business data to make an informed business decision is a fairly new trend. There was a time when major business decisions were taken on the basis of intuition or gut feeling but today business leaders make a decision based on statistical numbers, facts, background information and trends. But where do you find this information? The obvious answer is the internet. But what is the surety about the accuracy of the data found? Stuck?

Internet is a massive pool of information where you find all kind of business data and information in just one click and Google is a major contributor to it. The search engine shows the data based on keywords inserted without any guarantee of accuracy. It just processes, searches and shows! Individuals or businesses often refer to government websites as they tend to offer correct data. But still finding or verifying internet-based data remains a challenge for many.

DataGardener acknowledged this problem and came up with a solution. It offers unique and proficient services to find and verify accurate business data. The company information provider UK update the data twice in a day so that people get only the latest information. Below are some of the key features of this service:

  • In Find & Verify service, you can get information about companies
  • You can search for Industry
  • You can check Financial status
  • You can search based on Location
  • You can check Mortgage of companies
  • You can find information about companies with PSCs and Directors name

Through the above features and filters, you not only get easy access to business data but find company information also strives to provide you with a second source of information where you can verify your existing data. Isn’t it just great? These services can improve your turnaround time and reduce cost. You can get access to elusive microdata which is hard to find anywhere else on the world wide web. So leverage the benefit out of this amazing service and empower your business with accurate data today!

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