Financial data is vital to almost every aspect of business and business activities. Investors, creditors and analysts are three of the most frequent financial data consumers alongside companies. Often, this financial data comes in the form of financial statements or cash flow analyses, and this kind of analysis will only become more vital within our post-COVID world. With the UK economy primed for a rebound within the next few months as bars, clubs and restaurants start to re-open, investors, creditors and analysts will have their work cut out for them trying to keep up with this new-found financial boom.

Financial Data for Investors in the Post-Covid World

For public and private investors specifically, the UK market has become the one to watch as the performance on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) will be seen as an indicator of how international markets will react to the reopening of the rest of the world. This has already enticed thousands of more eager investors to buy currently undervalued shares in UK companies listed on the LSE, stretching the need for accurate and up-to-date financial data on UK companies. Despite the recent high treasury yield putting pressure on growth stocks, value stocks are still riding high, with the newer investors wanting a piece of the action requiring a service that makes screening companies based on financial merit a simple and time-saving task.

DataGardener is an online database that allows you to search for the financial information of any UK company so you can be sure your investment decisions are being made with the most accurate and recent information possible. As well as being one of the most complete single databases on UK companies, DataGardener’s search functionality provides prospective investors with search tools to make their discoveries as easy as possible. Searching for companies by financial data allows investors to screen out companies that don’t have sufficient liquid cash flow, or to filter out companies that are too small and risky to invest in or companies that are so large that their share price is far beyond their true value.  

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