Are you determined to start your own business in the UK? Are you looking for company formation with a uk registered office? Then you will be glad to know that setting up a company in the UK is very easy. If you have already decided to build your own business but are new to company formation, then you need a UK company registered office.

A registered office address or a registered office is typically an address located in the UK (England and Wales). You need to provide this address to the Companies House at the time of incorporation. Then this address will appear on the UK registrar. All records of the incorporated businesses in the UK are kept on that public register.

Therefore, the general public will be able to view your registered office address online. One can go to the Companies House website to look up your information and find your registered office. 

However, having your registered office address publicly available and accessible online can pose specific problems for individual companies. For instance, small businesses that operate from a domestic address are mostly unwilling to disclose their home address online. 

Company formation UK with registered office

To set up your private limited company in the UK, the first thing to do is choose a unique name. For that, it is recommended to check the existing trademarks to ensure yours is not already taken. Make sure to go through the rules to follow while choosing company names. 

The next thing is to choose a director, shareholders, or guarantors for your private limited company in the UK. It is essential to prepare documents agreeing on how you will be running your corporation. These documents are called Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association. 

Then comes an essential step. That is to decide on your official registered company address and a SIC code. Prepare your application form (Form IN01) for registering your company. When your documents and application are ready, submit them with all relevant information to the UK Companies House to register your private limited company in the UK. While registering with Companies House, you are usually automatically registered for Corporation Tax. If not, then register with HMRC for corporation tax.

What is a registered office address?

Every limited company in the UK is legally required to provide a registered office address at the time of company formation. It is considered as an official correspondence address. This address is going to stay in the public register throughout the existence of that company.

The registered office address’s primary purpose is to provide government bodies such as the Companies House and HMRC to issue legal notices and statutory communications. The company needs to make its statutory registers available in this address for the sake of public inspection.

To be more precise, company formation uk with a registered office is one of the vital components of setting up a business. This registered office address needs to be in the same country or jurisdiction within the UK, where the company itself is registered. However, it is not required to be the same address where the trading activities are carried out.

A registered office address can be residential or non-residential, but it has to be a full physical postal address. However, due to privacy reasons, commercial addresses are always preferred.

Why do you need a registered office address?

Company formation in the UK happens through Companies House. To enrol your company at Companies House as a UK limited company, you need to have an official UK registered office address. This registered office address is generally declared on your company records on the public register in the UK. There are online services available who can help you form your company with a registered office address. It must be a physical address and not a PO Box address.

If you are looking into company formation, you know that you must provide an official registered office address to the government bodies. It will appear in your company’s public records, and HMRC and Companies House will communicate with your company using this address. It must be a physical address and not a PO Box address.

This address will be displayed on the UK Companies House registered. It will be freely available, searchable, and accessible by the general public. This address is going to be the permanent official address of your company. People will see this address and use it to contact your company. It is mandatory to display the Company Registered Office Address on all correspondence such as letterheads, invoices, company websites, etc.

However, if you are unwilling to disclose your address to the public, you can avail yourself of registered office services. There are plenty of them available online. It is a great alternative that will solve your problem.

What is the advantage of using a registered office address service?

UK company registered office service is great for serving your privacy goals. For example, suppose you are currently working from home and are not willing to publicize or use your company’s residential address. 

Apart from that, it can be more efficient for company formation, primarily if you use multiple locations for running your business. In addition to that, it looks more professional and prestigious to display a perfect official UK registered office address in your public records for boosting your brand image.


The majority of startups in the UK choose to begin doing business as a private limited company. There are several reasons behind it, the first and most important reason being that operating as a private limited company in the UK has many advantages overworking as a sole trader or going in a partnership.

The primary purpose of this article was to give a clear idea of how you can go for company formation uk with the registered office.

If you want to open a new company then, you have to first check company name is already registered or not?

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