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The Innovate UK Smart Grant is the government’s flagship grant programme, with £125 million to give to British businesses each year. It’s open to any industry, and you only need to fill out a single online application to get funded. There are no interviews required, however the 7,000 word application can be somewhat overwhelming.

This is where the Grantify Platform comes into its own.

Grantify Smart Grant Service is a straightforward online platform that guides you through the whole application, sentence by sentence, providing extensive expertise and model answers to make the process as effective and as efficient as possible. Instead of taking 8 weeks Grantify customers are routinely completing their part in 3 days using their approach. Applications are extensively reviewedprior to submission to make sure every key point has been addressed in a manner relevant for such an application to Innovate UK.

You find out more information about the Grantify Smart Service here.

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Letsasi delivers efficient cost-effective solutions for AML practitioners and experts, through automation and simplified processes of investigation work and due diligence

Designed by experts, they have combined 30+ years’ practitioner experience and focus on automating the AML investigation workflow.

Their system will save thousands of hours of manual process and the product can be delivered either as a SaaS solution or via physical servers and is designed to define and automate the mitigation of risks as identified by the standards of OFAC, FATF, JMSLG and FCA.

They are experts that understand the day to day priorities of AML alert investigators and this product helps to save time and money.

Letsasi is light on integration, simple to use and built with Open-Source software so that customers can tailor to their own specification.