Small Business, Big Data:
Unlocking Opportunities

A Solution Exclusively for Small and Medium-sized ENTERPRISES

Propelling Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) towards unprecedented success

From targeted lead generation and market analysis to streamlined operations and precise financial management, DataGardener provides a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to the unique needs of SMEs.

With DataGardener, the dream of SMEs thriving in competitive markets becomes a tangible reality as they gain access to the critical data-driven resources necessary to make strategic decisions, maximize efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.

Our Solutions

Market Research

Empowering you to enhance your understanding of your target market, paving the way for you to uncover fresh avenues for business growth and expansion.


Find potential clients who closely resemble your existing customer base, ensuring the greatest benefit to your business.


Access UK company contacts, including LinkedIn profiles, emails, and phone numbers, to connect with crucial business contacts with ease.


Streamline your customer onboarding. Save time, reduce risks, and maintain regulatory compliance effortlessly. Optimise your process for an efficient experience.

Due Diligence

Understand companies you work, analyse their past, helping predict future behavior, identify risks, and ensure responsible business practices.


Stay vigilant to company events and significant industry changes to make well-informed decisions by staying abreast of the latest developments and competitor actions.

Data Enrichment

Enhance your decision-making with our platform's insights. Stay competitive by leveraging enriched data for informed choices.