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Looking to check company details? Want to know who you are dealing with? Or who is contacting you? We offer company search services that allow you to discover the background of companies so you know what you are dealing with.

As the global business world expands, you might find that you are working with a business from a far-flung corner of the world. Or even someone you have never heard of right here in the UK. Start-ups appear and sometimes disappear in the blink of an eye. Do you know who you are dealing with? Have you done company check or company search?

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Company search has become much more sophisticated over the last few years. If you know where to look then the internet is filled with data. You can find out about the history of the company, the financial performance of the company, how businesses are linked and any legal issues such as CCJ’s or court proceedings. We have the database and company check feature to provide you with all this information. Having the right data at your fingertips makes your life easier. And who knows, it might save you a whole lot of trouble. Find a company, gain insight into the company’s performance, whether it is being managed efficiently and responsibly. Check the authenticity of a company before you start trading with them or building relations. Analyse their accounts status, the filing obligations and evaluate the liquidity and solvency ratios.

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Corporate Land Search

Our parameter-driven search allows you to find the land registry data based on the ownership, location, property value and property type. If you are looking to understand more about UK Corporate Property Transactions Data or looking to find a property and crucially who owns a Corporate Land, then look no further – we can help.

Helping you find land and property ownership information

Charge Details

If a company has borrowed money – either now or in the past, it’s probable that the lender will have filed a charge against the company. This can be in the form of a debenture or mortgage, and there will be a permanent record filed at Companies House. If the lender has been repaid the charge is usually satisfied but where a debt is still owed you can freely see this on. This is a really important piece information if you’re looking to work with a company, so that you can understand more about their financial circumstance. We have it all.