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Explore and understand the details of – filing timeline, UK establishments, charges/debentures, company ownership structure and associated companies and directors.

View comprehensive year-on-year financial comparisons and ratios going back as far as needed and export reports pertaining to the company.

By using our company details page, you can dig into the company financial reports and financial data on UK companies. This is a really important step to better risk management and risk monitoring as well as helping in decisions regarding credit management.

You can download simple company reports as an overview, or should you need to download full and comprehensive credit reports.

Check Company details

Understand the Financials

Gain insight into the company’s performance, whether it is being managed efficiently and responsibly. Check the authenticity of a company before you start trading with them or building relations. Analyse their accounts status, the filing obligations and evaluate the liquidity and solvency ratios.

Company Finance Check
Comapnies Land Registry Data

Land Registry and Corporate Land Search

Our parameter-driven search allows you to find the land registry data based on the ownership, location, property value and property type.

If you are looking to understand more about UK Corporate Property Transactions Data or looking to find a property and crucially who owns a Corporate Land, then look no further – we can help.

Charges Details

If a company has borrowed money – either now or in the past, it’s probable that the lender will have filed a charge against the company. This can be in the form of a debenture or mortgage, and there will be a permanent record filed at Companies House.

If the lender has been repaid the the charge is usually satisfied but where a debt is still owed you can freely see this on. This is a really important piece information if you’re looking to work with a company, so that you can understand more about their financial circumstance. We have it all.

Charges Details
Director Check

Director Check

Directors & PSC

Access Director reports containing details of current and previous appointments of the directors and persons with significant control (PSC) along with basic personal details. You can also see the date of appointment and date of resignation (if resigned). Export the full report either in the form of a PDF file or send by email.

If you’re looking to understand more about the company shareholder information then look no further as our information is direct from Companies House.

Relationship Tree

With our relationship tree, you have a visual representation of how a Director is linked to other companies and directors and how those are related to many others, in the form of a graphical chain to make it more interesting and easy to understand.

Check the details of those companies and directors by directly clicking on their names in the graphical view and get the details of that selected party. You can keep going and going to see understand those relationships.

Director connect

Company Owner Lookup

Related Companies & Directors

Many directors have connections with other supervisors and businesses as well. Understanding relation among them will give a wider perspective of the goodwill of concerned person in the market.

Keeping this in mind, we provide the database of the directors and companies to which the person of interest is correlated. Our Relations Tree Graph gives a tabular/graphical view of the same data to make it more interesting.

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CCJ - Court County Judgement

County Court Judgement(CCJ )

If you’re looking to work with a company – in particular if you’re thinking them of giving them credit – it’s worth understanding how they’ve performed in the past. If they’re bad at paying you really do need to know. Use our CCJ information and CCJ check this important indicator.

If you want to ensure that you have processes in place to help monitor clients and prospects then why not set up County Court Judgement Alerts to get up to date information immediately.

Company Monitoring

If you’re working with a new client or customer, wouldn’t be a great idea to have a monitor on them? You can find out if directors have resigned if they are late filing accounts or annual returns – all of which give indications about the financial wellbeing of a company.

By using our company monitor you can get all this information delivered directly to your inbox courtesy of our company monitor.

Company Owner Lookup
Company Documents

Document Exports

View the company filing timeline within the specified categories such as accounts, officers, capital annual returns.

We provide downloadable copies of all official documents including company incorporation, changes in the ownership structure, share capital allotment details and various other recorded details.

Add Notes

Whether you’re building lists or looking at specific companies, we give you the ability to append notes directly into our system. This means that you don’t need to worry about having a CRM in place or using two systems simultaneously.

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