B2B Marketing Data

B2B marketing data is vital to help a business move forward. Making new connections has never been more important. As competition comes globally, we always look to find new valuable connections to expand our business, build alliances and grow. But the days of being able to pick up the Yellow Pages and find the business/business data you want are over. The internet has done two things here: It has given us more information, but as a consequence, it has made that information difficult to decipher.

If only someone had taken the time to order it and make it easy to interrogate… Well, they have. Here at DataGardener, we have experienced the same issues as you. We want to make deep and meaningful connections with other companies. We are a B2B business ourselves. And we have certain businesses we want to target. Who doesn’t?

Lead Generation Made Easy with B2B Marketing Data

We have made it as easy as possible for you to find the kind of businesses that you’re looking for. No more cold calling, hoping that someone will take your call, like the sound of your voice and want to do business with you.

Our system allows you to build a contact list easily and effectively. This opens the door to businesses that might want to work with you. Whether you are looking for suppliers, customers or partnerships, DataGardener has got you covered.

All of this information aids you in developing the right contacts. Your sales team are supplied with quality leads that they can investigate, follow up and leverage.

Our system puts the power in your hands. You can find the people you want to speak to and access a profile of their business that gives you Contact Details, Financial Details and Directorships.

If you are looking for specific targets then you can use our system to narrow down your searches, making lead generation more efficient as well as more effective. The scattergun approach does not work. Laser-target your way to success.

Interrogate Our B2B Marketing Data

What is the use of mounds of information if you can’t interrogate it to find what you need? DataGardener allows you to filter by a large number of categories to break your search down into something that is targeted and meaningful. Why speak to a hundred companies when you can speak to a handful of the right ones?

We are here to help you find the right leads, generate sales and drive your business forward. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to book your free trial and see how this could transform your business.