Case Study

Easy setup of supplier
diversity program

Our Client

Our client is a leading FMCG Company in the UK.

The Challenge

The client faced the challenge of effectively identifying diverse businesses within their extensive supplier network. With a vast array of suppliers spanning various regions and industries, pinpointing businesses owned by individuals from diverse backgrounds, along with other diversity-focused entities such as female-owned businesses and B-corp certified companies, proved to be a daunting task.

The Solution

By employing our data enrichment technique, which included demographic analysis, ownership profiling, and certification validation, DataGardener enabled the client to accurately pinpoint over 100 suppliers belonging to the desired diversity categories. This data-driven approach provided the FMCG company with invaluable insights into the composition of its supplier network, empowering them to uphold their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The Results

Within few minutes, the client obtained diverse supplier lists, a process that typically takes weeks, identifying over 100+ diverse suppliers within their network, including ethnic minority-owned, female-owned, and B-corp-certified businesses, thereby significantly boosting supplier diversity.