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As a business, you want to know who you are dealing with. And one of the biggest assets any company or individual holds is inevitably property. If you are looking for security, wanting to know who you are dealing with or just want to see if they are who they say they are, then a comprehensive property and land search can be incredibly useful.

Anyone buying or selling land or property, or taking out a mortgage, must apply to HM Land Registry to register a property or change of land ownership. DataGardener holds information from the Land Registry database as well as the lesser-known Corporate Land Registry subset of data. But have you ever tried using the HM Land Registry website? It is complex, cumbersome and does not allow you to drill down with searches in the way you really want.

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Finding Property

That is why we developed the DataGardener Property and Land Search portal. You can now interrogate the system in a way that works for you. DataGardener allows you to undertake searches in a way that is not possible using HM Land Registry itself.

If you are looking for a specific property then the land and property search provided by HM Land Registry is adequate, but if you’re looking to undertake parameter-driven searches, you simply will not be able to.

Here at DataGardener, we have provided our clients the ability to do undertake all manner of searches of both HM land Registry’s Individual Database as well as the HM Land Registry Corporate Land Database, using such filters as defined below:

Address (Building name, number, street)
Locality (Town, City, County and Postcode)
Building Type (New Build etc)
Land Tenure (Freehold or Leasehold)
Region (which specific region in the UK)
District (Local Authority)

Now, doesn’t that make sense?

HM Database Corporate Land Registry

Corporate Land Registry Database

Now, this is the lesser-known sister of the HM Land Registry database. This allows you as a business to see ‘behind the curtain’ of the property dealings of another business. And they can tell quite a story. If you want to know about the financial standing, security or property deals of another business then this is the portal for you.

It allows you to make commercial decisions on who to partner with, what the terms might be and whether you seek security to move forward. Having this power at your fingertips puts you in control. You can buy peace of mind with the DataGardener Property and Land Search portal, making decisions backed up with the data you need to sleep easily at night.

HM Land Registry Searches

DataGardener provide a wealth of information relating to all properties within the UK that are held at HM Land Registry regarding individuals Our database allows you to search based on specific criteria including:

  • Price
  • Date of Sale
  • Address (Building name, number, street)
  • Locality (Town, City, County and Postcode)
  • Building Type (New Build etc)
  • Land Tenure (Freehold or Leasehold)
  • Property Type (Terraced, Flat, Maisonette, Semi or detached)

(We provide information on everything except information on the names of property owners).

HM Land Registry Searches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the HM land registry?

HM (Her Majesty’s) Land Registry is the government non-ministerial department. It was established in 1862 registering the ownership of the land and property in Wales and England. This department of UK reports directly to the Department for Energy, Business, and Industrial Strategy.

What is Land Registry and why it is a must to register a property here?

As stated above as well, the Land Registry is the ownership of all kinds of land/property in the UK. It provides the owners with an entitlement that is given by the government. The department also provides a title plan indicating the land or property boundaries. Once the property is listed on the register, the department of HM Land Registry UK makes sure to update any changes in the ownership, leases, or mortgages information that can impact it. Registering the property on time in the right HM Land Registry offices guarantees and secures your rights. After all, it is the proof of ownership, saving your land from any fraud or risk in the future. In fact, the registry even helps in changing or upgrading or selling your property in the future.

It is only required to register your property if it has never been before. If someone is buying or inheriting your property, then it means that he/she is taking ownership of the same. Thus, anyone taking ownership of the property or buying it through a mortgage must apply to register at Land Registry for either of the purposes, as mentioned below:

  • Ownership of an unregistered land/property.
  • New Ownership of the land/property.
  • Any interest impacting the property, including a mortgage, or a lease, or a right of way, or trust declarations.

Which data does the Land Registry provide access to?

Want to know what information that HM Land Registry data provides access to? On the Land Registry platform; you get access to all the records of properties available in the UK. The data covers the following:

  • The title plan – It dictates the property boundaries
  • The title register – It shows the owner’s name, the mortgage status, or the price paid for that property
  • The title summary – It shows the lender’s name, along with the exact status of the property, whether it is on leasehold or freehold
  • A flood risk indicator – It provides the likelihood of flooding occurring on the property

Anyone is free to undertake a check out on the register to look at the HM Land Registry customer information centre or see the prices of lands, or about the registered property, etc. The search process can be done via the address or via location. For instance, if you look for the HM Land Registry Scotland, or say HM Land Registry Gloucester, then you can search for all the properties registered, on the mortgage, or on lease in those locations. If you want to do a check on any registered land, such as about its past owners or so, it is advisable to request a copy of the deeds from the HM land registry.

Is the information at Land Registry available for downloaded?

The data that is available at the Land Registry can be downloaded easily, but there is a small fee for it. For an online copy of the title plan or the title register the site charges £3. Though, these online copies cannot be used as official evidence of ownership. In case, if you’re required to prove the property ownership, it is required to order an official copy online from the official governmental portal.

About HM Land Registry Offices

It is possible to do the map search and to look for the respective local or regional offices, HM land registry address, or the HM land registry contact number, or any other information online, through Google. The department of the Land registry has 14 offices widespread across England and Wales. The HM land registry Croydon office is the headquartered centre. The other offices are located at Coventry, Birkenhead, Durham, Gloucester, Fylde, Leicester, Kingston upon Hull, Peterborough, Nottingham, Swansea, Plymouth, Weymouth and Telford.

How to do the registration at the Land Registry portal?

Before applying for land or property at the registry, it is a must to have a look at the register making sure that the property is not registered already.

1.  In case the property is already registered – You must apply for the registration of any interest affecting the property or any ownership transfer. The interest can be anything, it could be a mortgage, or a lease, or anything else. To do this, fill in a ‘transfer of whole registered title’ form first. Later, you have to fill in the AP1 form that will register the transfer evidently, along with sending in the forms, documents, and the registration fee to the HM land registry.

2. In cases where the property has never been registered –you must submit an application form to ensure the registration for the new property. Alongside this, the documents, forms and registration fee will be sent to HM Land Registry.

If you’re looking for phone menu options for HM Land Registry and if you are a business customer or an individual looking to find property online or any information  relating to freehold or leased properties, mortgage services etc then you can contact HM Land Registry on 0300 006 0411. If you are looking to visit the Land Registry office in person then you can do so at any of the offices. The Land Registry main office can also be visited if you need to. Though, everything can be done online and it is not required to visit any office.

Is it possible to do the land registry search at free of cost?

The property-related documents as well as ownership data is not free of cost from the HM land registry portal or any other platform unfortunately.  In fact, much of the information is not accessible directly by the general public. Only authorized agent having the portal access can search and analyse documents.

HM Land Registry has offices spread throughout different locations, it is a part of the Governmental industry. Data Gardener is a leading business listing directory offering a preview of the kinds of information related to land registries, corporate land registries through in-depth B2B data analytics services. Anyone can check out the corporate land property and owners’ details in the Corporate Land Registry data.. Whilst HM Corporate Land Registry contains information relating to registered properties, undertaking searches on geographical areas or sophisticated filters simply is not possible. To undertake more sophisticated searches, you need to use a more intelligence analytics data platform provided by the a platform like DG.

A platform like this also  gives access to contacts, competitor information, financials etc.

There are a range of different filter options through which Registered properties in the UK can be accessed and are listed below.

  • Purchase Price – You can search by the minimum cost and maximum cost with this filter and you will only get results pertaining to those lands that fall within  this range.
  • Building Name/Number – The property can be searched using the specific building name or number.
  • Street, town, or city –It helps in refine  the search to a large extent, and if you have a special interest in any town or city, it is advisable to use this filter.
  • County – Search by a specific county.
  • Postcode – Search by a specific postcode.
  • Build type –  It is possible to put the filter depending on the building type. Be it an old build or a new build, the data can be refined.
  • Land Tenure –It is possible to access data based on whether they are on a leasehold or on freehold.
  • Property type – Property type – You can filter based on type, such as terraced properties, flats, semi-detached ones, or detached ones, etc.

Exactly what information will you be able to access on Data Gardener?  It depends what you’re looking for but for example, you could choose to search for all the freehold properties in the UK, and you could set further parameters:

  • Property type
  • Land Tenure
  • Price
  • Build type
  • Building name or number
  • Secondary name
  • Date
  • Street
  • Locality
  • Town or city
  • District
  • County
  • Postcode
  • Address

Gaining access to such a large volume of data from HM Land Registry sold prices, address and more is going to be really helpful.