Marketing, Telemarketing and Lead Generation Companies

How we can help marketing, telemarketing and lead generation companies deliver for clients

If you’re a company that is providing services such as marketing, telemarketing or lead generation services to clients, then you know that using quality marketing data makes the difference between a successful campaign or not.

You will only be able to sell your services if you are targeting the right customers for your clients – this is the top priority.

DataGardener can provide all those tools to enable you to find, contact and sell your client’s product to the right customers.

Marketing and Lead Generation Companies

Credit and Risk Management

It’s also really important businesses know just who their potential customers are and what the financial strength of a new opportunity albeit client or partner, really is.

DataGardener can provide you with the risk and credit management information on companies as well as an ongoing reporting tool by providing alerts on:

  • Changes to shareholder structures
  • Director changes
  • Late filing
  • Adverse flags
  • Credit reports
  • County Court Judgement – CCJ – Information
Company data for marketing and lead generation companies

Finding New Customers for your New Business

Your ability to demonstrate to a client that you have the relevant expertise and experience is paramount, but so is the ability to demonstrate that you can target the right companies in a campaign and that comes from have good quality marketing data and lead generation data.

At DataGardener, we can help you make your client campaign a success.

Perhaps you need to target accountants in a specific area? Are you looking at looking to target companies less than five years old? Do you need highly specific data on all companies in the UK with only one director? Are you looking to generate marketing data of who owns what property in a specific area? Perhaps your client is looking at targeting food wholesalers or distributors of electrical components?

No matter who you are looking to target for your clients, we can help you generate the right data for marketing and lead generation using our advanced search capabilities to filter on:

Marketing data

Use your search criteria to build new customer targets, lists or profiles and our social media connectivity to contact them.

Export and create personalised marketing lists.

Add notes directly on the DataGardener platform.

API Integration with you to streamline campaigns and marketing list generation.

grow your business

We can also provide solutions that you need to contact those prospects by the most suitable social media channels or conventional means.

Find out more about how we can help your client campaign succeed with our help. Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where can I get marketing data?

If you are looking for marketing data, the first thing you need to do is get your own house in order – or your own data in order. Are you capturing website visitors and inbound sales enquiries? If you are not doing these things – you should be.

If you are looking for external data then you have several options, you could always go to a data broker or you could always get the data directly – with DataGardener, for far cheaper.

How is data used in marketing?

Data-driven marketing uses data to predict customer’s needs, desires and future behaviour. Such insight helps develop personalised marketing strategies for the highest possible return on investment.

What data is important for marketing?

Depending on what product or service you are looking to market will dictate what data is important. It stands to reason that the more data you have the better you can use it to make informed decisions, sometimes capturing data that you may need in future (or to make future decisions) is also really useful.

How much do companies spend on data analytics?

There is no set formula for determining how much to spend on data analytics since every industry is different.

How do you market a new company?

The million-dollar question and the answer are unique to every business.

What is important is to get out there. Get out there on social media, get out there personally and get other people to market your product through partnerships and reciprocal arrangements.

Here a few ideas (but this list is by no means exhaustive):

  • Create a brand and logo
  • Get a website
  • Engage with Search Engines
  • Look at competitors
  • Network
  • Capture data (our favorite thing)
  • Start a newsletter and email people about your business
  • Listen to customer feedback
  • Advertise
  • Be honest about what works and what doesn’t

What are the types of marketing information?

It is broadly accepted that there are three types of marketing information related systems available that marketing decision-makers use to have valuable insights for to make marketing decisions:

  • Internal Data
  • Marketing Research
  • Competitive Intelligence.

What is competitive intelligence?

Competitive intelligence is marketing information that helps marketers understand their competitors and competitive market dynamics. There are five type:

Product information: Who is making products that compete with your offerings? What features or capabilities make these products attractive to prospective customers? How do these features compare to yours? How are products packaged and offered to customers?

Market share and penetration: Which companies in your competitive market sell the most products to your target market, and how much do they sell? Which organizations are considered the market leaders? How is market share evolving over time?

Pricing strategy: What do competitors charge for their products? What pricing structure and strategies do they use? What special pricing or discounting do they offer? How does this affect your pricing and position relative to competitors?

Competitive positioning and messaging: What are competitors saying about themselves? What are they saying to current and prospective clients or other stakeholders about your organization or products? How effective are their messages at generating interest in competitor products or diminishing interest in yours? What keywords are competitors dominating in search engines?

Win/loss analysis: What proportion of new sales are you winning or losing? Why are people selecting your product over competitors’? Why are they selecting a competitor’s offering instead of yours?

How do companies use database marketing?

Database marketing is building and using generated lists for marketing, for example direct marketing, email marketing or to use for telemarketing.

How do you analyse data in marketing?

Step 1. Understand what you are trying to achieve.

Step 2. Reverse engineer what you need into questions.

Step 3. Choose your metrics by with you are going to analyse the data.

Step 4. Review the metrics and tweak as necessary.

Step 5. Drop us a line if you need any assistance.

What is a financial marketer?

A financial marketer is a marketing professional specialising in the financial services, FinTech and banking sector.

How do you generate leads for business?

There is no magic formula for generating leads for a business but here are some top ideas:

  1. Make sure your website has a contact us form.
  2. Use telemarketing – either inhouse or outsourced.
  3. Generate leads through social media interaction and monitoring of competitors.
  4. Write content and be a thought leader and use as a point of engagement.
  5. Automate lead generation processes through automation.
  6. Get known on forums.
  7. Attend Events.
  8. Join as many networking groups as possible and talk to people.
  9. Find useful partners, can they introduce leads?
  10. Comment on blogs.

Which is the best tool for lead generation?

There is no best tool, there is a combination that will work for your business. You will need to try different things and put together processes.

What is b2b lead generation?

Business to Business (B2B) lead generation is the process of gaining the attention and interest of potential customers to increase future sales and boost business growth.

How popular is telemarketing now in a B2B marketplace?

Telemarketing was regarded as obsolete when email marketing become the new normal and social media gain popularity, but as with many things – it has come full circle and is now back in fashion. It is often regarded as one of the key stages in closing the deal for many industries.

What is a telemarketing company?

A telemarketing company is a company specialising in selling products or services using the telephone.

Can I cold-call businesses under GDPR?

If you can find a number on a website for a company then there is nothing to stop you calling them. GDPR is concerned with the storing of personal data regarding a person who works at that company. So here the regulations are concerned with handling of their data – not about the act of calling them.

The Corporate Telephone Preference Service is the thing to be concerned with here since if a company is registered with this service, they should not be contacted for what are known as live marketing calls. The ICO has guidance on this but this is really about balance and courtesy, if a company is called and they say they are not interested in a product or service, don’t call them again. If you continue, then you are a nuisance call and that becomes a problem!