Lending Intelligence Tool

Grow, optimise and streamline your view into the lending market with DataGardener’s new and innovative Lending Intelligence Tool.

Whether you’re looking to analyse the market or your competitors, we’re here to help. Our expertise across data extraction, advanced algorithm development, and analytics can be used to support your Underwriting and your Business Development teams and your business to uncover a world of opportunities. You only need an objective. DataGardener will do the rest.

Deeper Insights that Accelerate Business Acquisition

competitor analysis

Competitor Intelligence meets User Friendliness, built just for you

User-friendly and intuitive – designed by Commercial finance professionals

Know who is lending

Know who is lending to whom, where and since when

Search by lender, type of charges, turnover, industry, region, year of charge registration and renewal month.

Seize new business opportunities
faster than ever

Our tool analyses millions of datasets that give you the answers you need to make winning business decisions

Use our Advanced Algorithm Tools and UK Charge Data to your Advantage

Our Lending Intelligence tool enables efficiency during analysis and prospecting across the lending market. It supports profitable growth by tightening control, streamlining workflow, and providing more timely and accurate data.

Make manually searching through different data sources a thing of the past. We have created a seamless experience that takes the stress out of finding the data you need to take your deals from prospecting to close more quickly. See how our integrated solution puts you on the path forward.

Industry search


Time Savings

Being in the lending business takes tenacity, in-depth industry knowledge and an appetite for constant innovation. Balancing the needs of finding accurate, rich datasets with the high-tech, digital experience that businesses seek takes a diligent service provider.

That’s why we developed a solution that takes care of all the hard work involved in searching and analysing UK Charge Data.

By eliminating the associated manual processes, rekeying of data, duplication of efforts, printing and filing of documents, our solution reduces costs and brings inevitable efficiency.


Financial Filters

Data optimisation of key variables that enable you to search within your credit policy criteria, functional requirements or target groups.

Many financial institutions dream of a single collaborative platform, DataGardener’s Intelligence Lending Tool enables organisations to quickly and strategically grow, optimise, and streamline their processes. It provides extensive capabilities at every level of your analysis:

  • Access over 1 Million Charge records
  • Enhanced search capabilities through charge-type keyword tagging
  • Filter by the lender, type of charges, turnover, industry, region, year of charge registration and renewal month
Financial Search
Build Marketing list

A Digital Solution for

The Future of Lending

DataGardener’s Lending Intelligence Tool is the ideal solution for Commercial and Corporate Finance Providers, FinTechs, Finance Brokers, Ancillary Service Providers to the Commercial Finance sector, Banking, Finance Law and many others.

DataGardener alleviates the high costs of multiple business intelligence systems, and person-hours spent conducting research and analysis within commercial lending operations. It promotes transparency, improves risk management, provides customer insight and simplifies entry into new markets or business lines.

We analyse data from 1000s of sources, so you don’t have to.


Interactive Data Visualisation

Measure, Predict and Anticipate Exposure to Risk

In combination with our Lending Intelligence Tool, our Premium licence features provide dynamic customer intelligence that your Underwriting and Business Development teams need to make better decisions on how to allocate resources and maximise capital.

With a spectrum of analytics options, including charge status data, news feeds, Director/Stakeholder data, full credit and company reports, risk profile, and automated tools to monitor changes and evaluate customer acquisition, we help you drive profitable growth.

Find company address
Increase Efficiency and Reduce

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Our solutions are designed to help financial institutions achieve specific outcomes. They help firms to modernise, transform and realise their full potential faster, all while minimising risk and total cost of ownership.

With advanced functionality featuring the ability to view all the company’s key information, its financials, and key business details in the same view, our multi-user licencing options and ongoing user training assure quicker employee adoption and faster ROI.

“In comparison to other tools I have used in the past that took several minutes of manual searching and navigating, getting the data we needed using DataGardener’s Lending Intelligence Tool took no more than 5 seconds!”

Steve Coldicott - Clear Asset Finance Limited

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a company search?

A company search is the way in which you find out more information about companies that you are looking for.

How do I search for a companies?

You can search for companies by using a particular (or combination) of parameters such as Basic Filters like industry, status, age and financials (of which there are too many specific parameters to mention), as well as Location, Charges Information, Directors and some special/bespoke filters as well.

As each parameter is added to the search, the list you are building is refined, and refined, and refined – until you have the list that you are looking for.

How many B2B contacts can you offer?

We hold data on every company in the United Kingdom and with the data we have a certain amount of contact information. We hold records on 14 million companies and of those we have contact details on approximately 700,000 website addresses, 800,000 phone numbers with CTPS details.

How do I get b2b contacts?

There are numerous ways to get B2B contacts. Firstly, you could pick up the phone and ask for them. Secondly, you could buy a data list from a trustworthy source such as a data broker or a reputable company such as DataGardener.

What is the best b2b contact database?

This depend entirely on what you are looking for as to where you should go to look. No-one should ever claim that they have everything – it’s simply not possible. DataGardener is concerned with financial data and property data – so it stands to reason that our database would be in and around that area. In other words, we would have data on company directors, people responsible for finance etc.

The answer is that there is no one single best database of everything. We would always advise you to look around and get sample of the data before making any decisions.

What contact data do you hold?

We have all company information as well as website details, phone numbers (and CTPS status), generic email addresses and email addresses. We also have embedded LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter search links for companies and contacts.

What does B2B mean in business?

B2B or Business to Business is a form of business that happens between two companies. It is contrary to the form of business conducted between a company and a consumer or customer. In B2B, one company or business markets its services or products to another company or business.

What is B2B marketing data?

Business to Business marketing data helps a business to identify and understand new leads and contact those companies. B2B marketing data may include a list of companies or businesses and their respective details. These details are usually things like company names, company address, location, phone number, email address, its key people such as directors, owners, and other decision-makers of the company.

What is a B2B marketing database?

B2B marketing database includes all relevant data about a company’s potential clients (other businesses or companies). B2B marketing data involves any information that can help you get in touch with your leads. DataGardener has rich B2B marketing databases about businesses that help pitch your products/ services to them.

How do I get B2B contacts?

DataGardener can provide you with accurate and comprehensive lists of B2B marketing data to drive growth in your sales and marketing. Alternatively, you can talk to a data broker who can source information for you.