Insurance Brokers and Mortgage Brokers

How we can help Insurance and Mortgage Brokers

DataGardener can help insurance broker and mortgage brokers understand more about companies that require their services.

 The ability to use information from Land Registry and Corporate Land Registry would give you the ability to search out companies using up to date company data and property data. Such tools give you the ability to be proactive not reactive.

Insurance and Mortgage Brokers

Credit and Risk Management

For newly acquired business and your existing customers we can provide you with the ability to help them and make sure they are healthy.

DataGardener can provide you with the risk and credit management information on companies for both the onboarding stage and as an ongoing reporting tool by providing alerts on:

  • Changes to shareholder structures

  • Director changes

  • Late filing

  • Adverse flags

  • Credit reports

  • County Court Judgement – CCJ – Information

Company data for insurance and mortgage brokers

Finding New Business for Insurance and Brokers

As a broker, understanding what is happening in your area or sector, and being able to stay ahead of the competition is the difference between getting a deal or not even knowing there is a deal to be had. We can help.

At DataGardener, we can help you to focus your efforts on the companies that fit with your product portfolio and help target them at the right time.

Are you looking for companies in a locality that are likely to be renewing their mortgage in two months? Are you looking to see who own what property in an area and in a particular industry?

No matter who you are looking to target, we can help you find prospects by using our advanced search capabilities to filter on:

data for insurance and mortgage brokers

Use your search criteria to build new customer targets, lists or profiles and our social media connectivity to contact them.

Export and create personalised marketing lists.

We can also provide solutions that you can use to contact those prospects by the most suitable social media channels.

grow your business

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