Diversity Matters

We provide comprehensive data on UK companies, directors and property ownership based on diversity.

Our data is refined in such a sophisticated way that you can find information on businesses in relation to ethnic minority-ownership, gender composition of directors and nationality.

Finding Diverse Prospects

We provide you with the diversity data that you need to make those vital connections that will take your business forward. We are constantly working in the background to ensure that the data you get is up to date and relevant for your needs.

To help you make more competitive, agile and profitable decisions, search by ethnicity, age, gender, foreign ultimate business ownership, job role, occupation, nationality and number of employees.


Find out more about non-British UK company directors.

Job Roles and Occupation

Access information on directors based on occupation.

Foreign UBOs

Understand the group structure of companies where the ultimate beneficiary of a company is a foreign company.

Risk Profile

Search by international credit banding (Low Risk to Very High Risk).

Number of Employees

Generate prospect and marketing lists for targeting start-ups, SMEs or MNCs based on the number of employees.

Age & Gender

Search by age or gender of director, see how many male and female directors are running the company.

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Book a remote demo with us and learn how our software can help you grow and develop your business by generating leads, as well as analysing correct and accurate director and company information.

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