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DataGardener provides company director check services where you get all necessary director information to make the right business decisions. We help you find company directors along with all their personal and professional details. Run a free director check with us and get valuable details about the company directors’ uk.


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In a company, the director’s level of authority profoundly affects almost all aspects of the company and business. It includes its employee culture, staff turnover, the long term viability, credibility, efficiency as well as the solvency of the business. Therefore, it is always wise to run a company director search. Staying informed with adequate company director check helps with your due diligence before you go into trade with them.

To find a director of a company can often turn out to be as easy as doing a Google Search. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, you need some advanced, detailed, and speedy methods to really determine how an individual is as a company director. In such cases, DataGardener helps you out by providing comprehensive director check services.

The Director Search UK offered by us include their names, addresses, date of birth, nationality, current and previous directorships along with the respective company names, company numbers and company status, dates they were appointed, duration of active directorship, and function in each of those companies.

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You can search our online database containing information about thousands of UK directors. If you want to search for a director by his or her name, then just enter the name of the director you are looking for. When you find the right person, click on the ‘View Report’. You just need to create an account for yourself with DataGardener. Then just log in and get full access to the director report.

Director Occupation

Search our directorship database by the director’s occupation. We have director information categorized based on their individual occupation such as a solicitor, consultant, engineer, manager, chartered accountant, accountant, finance director, and so on. Get all the key details about each of them in the exclusive director reports produced by DataGardener.

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We also have a director search facility available with filters such as director role. Search and find the director you are looking for by entering the role of the particular director. The role can be Company Secretary, LLP member or designated member, Judicial Factor, Manager or a member of Administrative Organ, and many more. Search by director role and explore real-time data, statistics, and insights on millions of UK directors.

Director Country

With DataGardener’s director search service, you can also customize and tailor your director search based on the country they belong to. Our online database holds directorship information from all the major countries of the United Kingdom. For instance, you can view director reports categorized by directorship from Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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Running a director search with DataGardener will provide you with a comprehensive director report that shows the director’s personal details, current and past data relevant to his or her directorships. It will also inform you if the director is reputable, has been disqualified in the past or not, and if so, then the reason for disqualification. It will also include the date they were disqualified as a company director along with the end date of disqualification (if applicable).

Hence, a director report will tell you about the present and past appointments held by a particular director. It further shows you details about the previous companies (the company names, numbers, present status, etc.)  he or she was linked with. Thus, you can get useful insights from our director checks.