Case Study

Detailed Breakdown of
Supplier Network

Our Client

A government organisation with a network of over 5000+ suppliers.

The Challenge

The client needed to assess the diversity among its vast supplier network of 5000+ companies. They aimed to identify the number of diverse suppliers within their network, ensure equal opportunities in their procurement processes as a government entity, and also wanted to identify how many of their suppliers were classified as MSMEs.

The Solution

By using our Diversity and Inclusion Intelligence, which included demographic analysis, ownership profiling, and certification validation, DataGardener enabled them to identify 700 diverse suppliers within their network. They were able to categorise their entire supplier base into MSMEs.

The Results

By employing our data enrichment techniques, within a few minutes, the government organisation obtained a detailed breakdown of their supplier network, a process that typically takes weeks, highlighting 700 diverse suppliers and the number of MSMEs among them. This information helped them check if they were following fair practices as a government organisation. It ensured they followed the rules and encouraged diversity and inclusion when buying goods.