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In this digital world, companies are busy in a rat race to sustain and succeed. Many of us may not realize but data plays a crucial role here and it will not be wrong to say that it functions as a core of all major business decisions. Whether you are seeking further investment or partnership opportunities or planning to launch a lucrative marketing campaign, in any case, you will need concrete data either about companies house advanced search, or customers. Before we enter into further details, let’s understand what exactly data is:

Data is a collection of facts (numbers, measurements, words, observations, etc.) that computers can easily process. It is plain statistics and facts collected during the operations of a business and can be used to measure a wide range of internal and external business activities. Data can be personal, transnational, web and sensor.

Companies House Advanced Search is a valuable tool for finding specific facts about companies registered in the UK. To use this tool, you must create an account on the Companies House website and log in. Once logged in, you can access the Advanced Search function by clicking on the “Advanced Search” hyperlink in the pinnacle navigation bar on the screen.

The detailed search web page provides several search options, including employer name, company number, registered office, directors, shareholders and financial records This allows you to find specific information about companies by name, including their address, directors, shareholders and financial performance.

The Internet is a gigantic source of information; finding relevant information is like searching for a pearl in the ocean. Major search engines show abundant information when you search specific keywords, but chucking out irrelevant information requires much time and patience. Since you get data in bulk, it can be really difficult to analyse it properly without creating a mess out of it. What is the possible solution to this problem? Well, the answer is DataGardener.

DataGardener believes in nourishing your business by providing apt and accurate company data with the utmost ease. You can access company search including assets, director information, turnover and other minute details. Apart from this, the company offers advanced search options that help you streamline the search and get precise results in a go! 

For example, you can search through all the companies in London that have a specific director and a turnover of more than £1 million.

How to advanced search for targeted company data?

Advanced search for targeted company data on Companies House allows users to refine their searches for specific information about companies registered in the United Kingdom. This can be particularly useful for researchers, investors, and businesses seeking insights into specific companies or industries.

To perform an advanced search on Companies House, you can follow these steps:

The advanced search results will display a list of companies that match your search criteria. You can then click on a company name to view detailed information about that company, including its financial statements, directors, and registered office address.

If you want in-depth company data, then you must use DataGardener’s advanced search feature, which is equipped with multiple filters that allow a refined search. You can access company financial report, company details, director information and even PSC details. You can search the data through director name, SIC code, mortgages, incorporation, status, category, and postcode and choose a specific radius, post town, country and county.

With the help of incorporation detail, you will be able to select a time frame of data you are looking for. You can fix this time frame by feeding the start and end dates. Industry filter is another exciting feature of this page as it offers some industry categories by default, and you can select any relevant category to get the desired data. It also has financial details and a director detail filter; the former allows conduct based on finances, while the latter enables you to conduct a director search based on sub filters including name, nationality, status and role of the director.

PSC is a person with significant control, which shows a person’s stakes in a company and some percentage of rights to control the company as a director. The advanced search can give you details on current status, company number, finances, land registry data, category, SIC code, address, age and incorporation date. Such technical details are really hard to find on the internet, but we have just made it possible for you!

How do I find information about a company?

You can find data about a company from the UK Companies House public register. If you want to do an in-depth search, DataGardener provides expert services where you will be able to access crucial company details including assets, director information, turnover, and other minute details.

Is Companies House Reliable?

Companies House is a reliable source of data on UK companies. Companies are required by law to file annual accounts at the company house, and these accounts are available to the public. It is the official registrar of companies in England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It is a government section within the Department of Business, Skills, and Innovation. It handles the incorporation, formation, and registration of companies. Hence, it is supposed to hold the correct information. However, there are certain limitations. Companies House might not provide enough information, depending on what information you are investigating.

How do I find the company details in the UK?

The easiest way is to go to the official website of the company. There, you will get the important details of the company such as location, address, contact number, email address, company owners and directors, etc. To investigate more, DataGardener can help you with a report including all the details about the company that you might require.

Where can I find my company house number?

You will find your company house number from any of the official statutory documents received from Companies House. Apart from that, it is there on the top of the certificate of incorporation letter.

How do I find a company name?

You can simply use Company House services to find or check company names.

Stop wasting time on search engines and use DataGardener for accurate business data! Call us: +44 333 444 0685 email:

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