What is Companies House Authentication Code?


What is authentication code companies house?

Company Authentication Code is like a password or a unique identifier. It is issued to all limited companies in the UK. 

After a limited company is formed at Companies House in the UK, Companies House then issues the newly formed company a Company Authentication Code. Hence, every limited corporation has got this number, irrespective of whether it is dormant or trading.

A Company Authentication Code usually contains six characters and is alphanumeric.

A Company Authentication Code is mandatory in case of a change of company ownership or a change of company directors. These changes are usually done by online filing at Companies House. The Company Authentication Code is used as a replacement for the physical signature of a director. Therefore, you could say that a Authentication Code is equivalent to a director’s signature. In other words, it is an electronic signature of a company’s director. 
So, it is indeed a pretty important and confidential piece of company data. It is therefore advised to keep your Company Authentication Code very secure and private. It should only be accessed by people who are authorized to change your company details.

Why do I need the company authentication code?

You will need your company authentication code every time you attempt online filing via the Companies House website. For example, you need to provide this code to file your annual accounts to Companies House or to file your annual returns online. In addition to that, you will need to use this code to update and/or change any details of your company, such as your company’s directors, company secretary, or shareholder details. 
You perform this change using the Companies House online portal or third-party software. You will be asked to log in to that site using your company authentication code. Only then will you be able to make changes. Anyone who has your limited company authentication code will be able to change your company’s information.

How to get an authentication code for Companies House?

To get authentication code for Companies House, register for Companies House WebFiling. In case, you have registered before then simply log in. Then just click on the link that says ‘Request an authentication code.’ Enter your company number and choose where you formed your company. 

Then click on continue and finally you get to place your request to get the code. 

When you do this, your request is generated to the Companies House. They will send you the code letter by post at your company’s registered office address. 

So, an alternative is, you add your company to DataGardener system. Your online account on their website is completely secure and private. You can then log in any time and fetch your company authentication code easily and quickly. You can also manage your company data very efficiently in a safe and secure place.

Where do I find my authentication code for Companies-House?

After you have completed the company formation process at Companies House, you need to raise a separate request to get the Companies House authentication code. To request your code, first sign in or register for Companies House WebFiling. 

Once you have placed your request, your authentication code can take up to 5 days to arrive at your registered office address. The steps to be carried out to perform the entire process of requesting your company authentication code are given below.

  1. Go to Companies House Online.
  2. Register your email address and password.
  3. Select ‘Request an authentication code.’
  4. Enter your company registration number.
  5. Select ‘Request code.’

You will receive your Companies House Authentication Code Letter at your registered company address, usually within five business days.

How to recover a lost Company Authentication Code?

Companies House authentication code is a very confidential piece of information. Hence, if you lose it, you cannot retrieve it just through making a phone call. Companies House will only send this code by post to your business address.
You can go to your online account at Companies House and request a copy of your Company Authentication Code. For logging in, you will need your company registration number. You can find your company registration number on the Companies House website as it is publicly accessible.

How can I change my company authentication code?

Register to the Companies House WebFiling service. If you have already registered, then just log in to the WebFiling portal. Choose the country where you registered your company. Enter your company registration number. Then enter your current company authentication code. Enter a new authentication code that you prefer. Then click on “Change code” to confirm the new code. Once you do this, you will get a letter of confirmation from Companies House at your registered office address.


After you complete the company registration process with Companies House, your company authentication code is sent to your business address. You can then use these six digital alphanumeric codes to file documents online and change company details through the Companies House web portal or third party software. Keep in mind that Companies House will never contact you to ask for your confidential details about your company such as your authentication code. 

If someone contacts you and claims to be from Companies House and wants to find company authentication code, you should report it immediately. Also, if you think someone has gained unauthorized access to your Companies House authentication code, report it to the fraud team.

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