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Get in Depth Analytics of Companies through Advanced Search


In this digital world companies are busy in a rat race to sustain and succeed. Many of us may not realize but data plays a crucial role here and it will not be wrong to say that it functions as a core of all major business decisions. Whether you are seeking further investment or partnership opportunities or planning to launch a lucrative marketing campaign, in any case you will need concrete data either about companies, or customers. Before we enter into further details, lets understand what exactly data is:

By definition, data is a collection of facts (numbers, measurements, words, observations, etc.) that can be easily processed by the computers. It is essentially plain statistics and facts collected during the operations of a business and can be used to measure a wide range of internal and external business activities. Data can be personal, transactional, web and sensor.

How to get in depth and accurate company data?

Internet is a gigantic source of information and finding relevant information is like searching a pearl in the ocean. Major search engines show abundant of information when you search certain keywords, but to chuck out irrelevant information requires great deal of time and patience. Since you get data in bulk, it can be really difficult to analyze it properly without creating a mess out of it. What is the possible solution of this problem? Well the answer is DataGardener.

DataGardener believes in nourishing your business by providing apt and accurate company data with utmost ease. You can get access to company details including assets, director information, turnover and other minute details. Apart from this, the company offers advanced search options that helps you to streamline the search and get precise results in a go!

Use advanced search for targeted company data

If you want in depth company data, then you must use advanced search feature which is equipped with multiple filters that allow a refined search. You can get access to company financial detail, company detail, director information and even PSC details. You can search the data through director name, SIC code, mortgages, incorporation, status, category, post code where you can even choose a specific radius, post town, country and county.

With the help of incorporation detail, you will be able to select a time frame of data you are looking for. You can fix this time frame by feeding start and end date. Industry filter is another interesting feature of this page as it offers some industry categories by default and you can select any relevant category to get the desired data. It also has financial details and director detail filter, the former allow conduct based on finances while the latter enables you to conduct director search based on sub filters including name, nationality, status and role of the director.

PSC is a person with significant control which shows a person’s stakes on a company and some percentage of rights to control the company as a director. The advanced search can give you details on current status, company number, finances, land registry data, category, SIC code, address, age and incorporation date. Such technical details are really hard to find on the internet but we have just made is possible for you!

Stop wasting time on search engines and use DataGardener for accurate company data!