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What is DataGardener? : A Beginner's Guide

Every day more than 1500 companies get registered in UK. Quite a big number! right. This may prove to be a problem for you: investors, customers, partners, businessmen or anyone who has to deal with industry. Since people who have goals don’t have time to manually dig into files to gather information.


A Platform for connecting with Company’s Director(s)

By moving forward in life one thing that we will definitely earn is experience. This experience helps us in moving in the right direction, as far as possible. We might not have achieved a lot in life but there is always scope to improve. We can learn from other people by observing their life and learning about their ups and downs. We never know what will inspire and motivate us to achieve our goals. To grow professionally, connecting with professionals is an amazing way to move forward. Now, where can we find such companies, such people?


Verify business data through DataGardener

Using business data to make informed business decision is a fairly new trend. There was a time when major business decisions were taken on the basis of intuition or gut feeling but today business leaders make decision based on statistical numbers, facts, background information and trends. But where do you find this information?


Get in Depth Analytics of Companies through Advanced Search

In this digital world companies are busy in a rat race to sustain and succeed. Many of us may not realize but data plays a crucial role here and it will not be wrong to say that it functions as a core of all major business decisions. Whether you are seeking further investment or partnership opportunities or planning to launch a lucrative marketing campaign, in any case you will need concrete data either about companies, or customers. Before we enter into further details, lets understand what exactly data is:


Accurate Business Data: A Key Behind Successful Sales Prospecting

Are you planning to launch a successful sales campaign? But its precise planning and plotting indeed requires a lot of market research, company data, financial insights, knowledge of latest sales & marketing trends etc. Having accurate business data providers further ease the prospecting experience for marketing and sales professionals.


An Overview On Companies Financial Report Availability and Its Effective Analysis

In order to invest a significant amount of money in any company, the availability of financial statements such as Companies House Annual Return and others are essential.


Easy Access to Relevant Start-Up Companies Data

When you search for a company while you join or want to invest then you search it online for details and all the information like directors, assets, profit, turnover, employees and every small detail. The proof we can see – Business history, financed, it belongings, transaction returns and so on - we set the precise terms for each work we do, from receipt invoices for forward-thinking risk jobs for old, secure relations.


Avail Genuine Land Registry data - New UK

The New UK Company Data provides access to a huge assortment of business micro data, by the office for Nation-wide Information. These data are moderately distinguishable, that can be retrieved from the Protected Lab route. The statistics are aggregated with an extensive range of examinations and some administrative sources and cover mentioned.