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Who is a Company Subscriber? What are the distinctions?

Company Formation

Are you interested in knowing more about who is a company subscriber is? Subscribers are the people who were shareholders when the company was formed. As such no additional responsibilities come with the appointment, the only reason they were named as subscribers is to depict that they were shareholders in the company at the outset. It means that the shareholders of the company can change, but subscribers can never.

A company director sits on the board of directors and has certain responsibilities as such, the company secretary is the person responsible for handling the company administration and filings. A company shareholder is someone with a stake in the company and a person with significant control is the one person who has ultimate control within the business. It is important to understand each one of these roles and the distinctions. 

Is there a limit on the number of subscribers?

Any corporate entity or individual can be a company subscriber. To set up a private limited company in the UK there must be at least one subscriber. There is no restriction on the total number of subscribers an organisation can have. Neither is there a limit on the number of guarantors or shareholders who can join after the formation of the company. Guarantors and shareholders can be appointed as company directors too.

Is it possible to be a subscriber to more than one company?

Yes, it is possible. The guarantors and company shareholders are collectively often referred to as members, whereas subscribers are used to depict the first members who joined at the time of the company’s formation. The subscriber’s names are listed on the MOA – Memorandum of Association and their names are disclosed on public record at Companies House, HMRC and other government bodies. It is compulsory for all subscribers to provide a contact address at the time of company registration at Companies House. If a member joins or leaves the company, or changes his or her name, then Companies House must be notified.

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