Who is a Director of a Company

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Who is a Company Director?

Have you been looking for the definition of a company director? What comes as the roles and responsibilities of a company director? Indeed, a company director has one of the most critical and influential positions in the business. He/she is the one undertaking decisions important to your company’s short-term and long-term success. He/she doesn’t have to be the employee or the shareholder of the company. Legally, a company director is the one who runs a company, takes decisions for the benefit or risk. The role comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Are there any criteria to become a company director in the UK? Yes, there are and depicted below.

  • It is a must for the company director to be over the age of 16
  • It is a must for him/her to not been disqualified from else as a company director
  • It is a must for the director to not be bankrupt
  • The director must not subject to any UK government restriction
  • The director must not be restrained by the court or likely concern from taking that position

How to find a director of a company?

In a business, it is necessary to reckon who the leading players are. Directors are the backbone behind the company’s success and future endeavors. It shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost. They work on introducing the ethics, morals, and culture in the company. Also, they put a lot of effort into meeting all the requirements of different departments, using resources optimally, and other financial operations. The company director check UK can be done via different ways and the most reliable ones are as below.

  • Companies House – If you are doing the search for the company directors UK, it is the legal source to find out about them. At this governmental listing agency, you just have to type in the company name or company number. Once it is done, it will provide you with the list of all previous and existing directors associated with it.
  • LinkedIn – This professional networking platform is great to get a professional insight into the employee or a director of the company. If the director you are finding has an account, you can get an interesting idea of his/her career history.
  • Google Search – Sometimes, finding a director can be quick and simple. Try Googling and dig in to find out the information on the directors. Do your research and get access to as much information as possible on the search engine.
  • DataGardener – It is one of the reliable sources for doing company director search UK. Not only here, you will get access to all the company director details, but also a lot more. To name a few, it covers the company profile, shareholders, financial statements, net assets, etc. If you wish to fetch the business listing of all active and inactive businesses, you can easily get it here.

What are the benefits of being a company director in the UK?

As a solo company director in the UK, as well as a shareholder, all company shares, are 100% entitled to him/her. And so are the profits generated by the business. There is absolutely no requirement to share any surplus income with anyone else to run the company. It is indeed cost-efficient to handle a company’s operations on your own.

Are you thinking to accept a company’s designation as a director? If yes, it is a must to work hard on the business prior to agreeing to anything. In the end, it is your reputation at stake and on the line. Your actions and decisions will be over everything, speaking tones about the company methodologies, success growth, etc. There are pros and cons of being a company director in the UK.


  •  Limiting the liabilities – In a limited company, the director can make the company liable for its debts. The owners are liable only for any personal guarantees, the nominal value of their shares, and so. It means that your personal assets are not approachable in any case of any legal claims and business debts.
  • Professional reputation – Indeed, there is a status, recognition, and reputation attached to the position of a company director. All the business activities and decisions will be closely monitored by the authorities including HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs).
  • Tax benefit – As a sole owner, you might pay higher tax contributions than being a director in a limited company. As a shareholder or a company director, you can save an amount on personal liabilities. Along with this, you will be receiving regular dividends and paying a smaller portion of the salary for the financial year.
  • Your work continues to exist – A company director is a legal authority and his/her work exists even after life.
  • A good hike in the salary – A company director works hard and has added responsibilities to work in the favour. Being in a position as a director, the money that you will be taking each month will see a great bump.
  • The job satisfaction – Most of the people love what they do and want to feel productive. Very few are there who are motivated by money. Being a director of the company gives a greater sense of accomplishment. He/she also influences people and outcomes around for the better.
  • A chance to continue your education – When you are a company director, ample educational opportunities will open to look forward to. It is advisable to take benefit of these opportunities to advance your career. Few organizations even finance these education courses and leverage the most for the better of their business.


  • More work and responsibilities – Do not consider that being a company director will be like walking on the bed of roses. You are going to do more work every day than most of the employees in the company. Even, there will be times when you have to do something that is not even expected by you.
  • A critical level of accountability to manage – As a company director, you have a critical level of accountability to manage. If there is a problem in the business, it needs to be rectified at your end at earliest.
  • A different set of skills required – It is a must to have a different set of skills to be at the top of the chain hierarchy. At one time, you must know about how to manage the accounts, balance sheet, budget, etc. On the other hand, you must motivate others in being productive.
  • Difficult situations – There can be difficult times when you find yourself caught in between what the company requires and what others need. The work demands increasing efficiencies as well as cutting costs wherever and whenever possible for optimal growth.
  • The action of others will represent your performance – It is one of the biggest struggles of being a company director. The director will be judged on the basis of results that are not necessarily always in your control. There will be opportunities to inspire others, but few people were always there who will always try to take you down.

Types of Company Directors UK

In the UK, there are two kinds of directors:

  • Executive directors – They manage the strategic and operational business actions of the company. The role includes handling people, hiring and firing concerns, taking care of business assets, signing up contracts and agreements, etc.
  • Non-executive directors – They provide independent advice, depending on their experience and expertise, and usually monitor executive management. Usually, they work as part-timers, investing time on particular projects rather than seeing day-to-day operations.

Company’s Director UK Roles and Responsibilities

The role and responsibility of a company director UK are immense. As per the Companies Act, the general duties cover the following:

  • To act within power – It is a must for a director to act according to the companies AOA – Articles of Association document. This document outlines the rules and regulations for operating a company.
  • To boost the growth of a company – It is a must for a director to act in good faith. Also, he/she must work in order to boost the company’s growth and success.
  • To work on independent judgement – It is expected from a company director to facilitate independent judgement. It is possible by building an informed view on the activities/operations of the business. Along with this, do not just focus on meeting all the demands of shareholders and others.
  • To work on skills and diligence – It is a must for all company directors to work on enhancing their skills, exercise due diligence, reasonable care, and sympathy while conducting all the functions.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest – It is a must for all directors to avoid/handle situations that can impact their loyalty or interest to the company.
  • Not to accept favours from third parties – It is a must to not accept any favour of any kind from third parties or corporates.
  • To show interest in a proposed arrangement – In case a director shows direct or indirect interest in any proposed alignment, it is a must to show the extent of interest with other company directors.

Aside from these general responsibilities, there are additional duties as well, like as mentioned below:

  • Registering for business tax – Within 3 months, it is a must for a company to register with HMRC for corporation tax.
  • Filing an annual financial statement – In every 12 months, it is a must for the company directors to file a financial confirmation statement once at Companies House.
  • Filing annual accounts – First timers need to file the accounts information in 21 months as per the establishment date of the company. The subsequent accounts information must be filed within 9 months after the end of the company’s financial year.
  • Filing Company Tax Returns and annual returns with HMRC – It is a must to file at the HMRC website the company tax returns and annual returns. The deadline is 12 months after the end of accounting time for the company’s corporation tax.

What is a single director company UK?

It is possible to establish a limited company in the UK with only one director. The application form and registration demand you to list a minimum of one director, a guarantor, or a shareholder. In fact, it is pretty common for the same person to be listed for both positions. To fetch the UK companies list of directors, and company director salary UK, check out the DataGardener platform. Feel free to visit them, fetch the list of directors, and use it for better.


Q1. Can a Non-UK resident be a company director?

The company registration for non-UK residents is the same as of UK residents. There is no restriction at all on foreign nationals being a company director UK, a shareholder, or a secretary. It is not necessary to live in the UK.

Q2. How many directors can be in a private limited company UK?

To form a private limited company in the UK, it is a must to appoint at least one company director. There is no limit to the number of directors that a private limited company can have at one time or throughout. The same holds true unless specific restrictions are mentioned in the AOA.

Q3. How to become a director of a company UK?

To become a director in a private limited company UK, at first fill in the ‘Director Identification Number’ application. Also, you need to sign in the ‘Digital Signature’. There is no age limit or nationality concern to become a director. A director is someone who is directed by the Board of the company. AOA authorizes a person to function as a director, working for the company to control, manage, and coordinate well the business undertakings aiming to make it grow.

Q4. Can a company be the director of another company in the UK?

The corporate entities such as companies, organizations, partnerships can be the directors of other companies in the UK. This holds true as long as the other companies have appointed a minimum one human director.

Q5. Can a director be an employee of another company UK?

There is as such no provision that states clearly that the director can be an employee of any other company in the UK. It is only possible to become either a director or an employee of the other company in the UK when you are operating as a non-executive director.

Q6. Does a UK company need a UK director?

The residence of the company director is usually not important. A UK company director can be a non-UK resident living anywhere worldwide. There is no requirement for him/her to live in the UK, during or after the appointment.

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