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How to search for a Company Director?

In today’s business world, it’s critical to know who you’re working with, as it’s pretty easy for almost anyone to say, “I’m a company director”, but how do you know you’re dealing with a trustworthy individual or organisation? How can you even search for a company director?

There are hundreds of websites and search engines that supply customers with information on national and international businesses. Many of them provide this service to varying degrees of quality, but they have one thing in common: they all provide the same kind of information. If it’s regular, run of the mill financial information you’re after, then you’re spoilt for choice. But what if you want information that isn’t easily accessible, such as information on individual company directors, the number of employees the company currently has or even their risk assessment band?

DataGardener provides an extensive database of information on almost every UK based company. This includes more than just standard financial data and company-related news. DataGardener allows their clients to search any way they want, including by their charges, CCJs or even trading addresses. More recently, thanks to developments in their search engine functionality, clients can now search for companies by the age of that company’s director. Although this may have seemed like a niche function, it has a wide variety of uses for companies in various sectors.

For example, let’s say you’re a private pension or life insurance company looking for new clients. Rather than just sending blanket, generic emails selling life insurance or private pensions to random eligible companies, why not refine your process to target only those who may be interested in your service?

Being able to search for directors by their age range allows you to be hyper-specific when finding new leads. This not only saves your company valuable time, but it also saves you the cost involved with sending emails and letters to people who may not even bother to read your proposals.

In another scenario, the same function could be vital in identifying potential customers for companies interested in mergers or acquisitions. This is made possible by targeting directors or CEOs entering retirement age, possibly anywhere from ages 50-60. CEO’s around this age bracket are likely looking for some kind of exit strategy. One of the simplest ways to execute this strategy is by simply selling their business to another company.

By narrowing your search down to specific ages, your company can streamline its lead generation and offer its services to only those likely to be interested. Once again, saving you valuable time and money in the process.

So, what information can you have access to when doing a company director search on DataGardener?

Company Director Details

Find out what Role, Country of Residence, Nationality, and Occupation a Company Director has.

Insights on every UK Director

Explore insights on over 5 Million directors, including directorship timelines, activity and statistics. 

Related Companies & Directors 

Discover who a Director holds mutual company directorships with, including instant access to the companies they share ties with.

Director Appointments

Explore a Directors current and resigned appointments, including their Occupation, Position and when they were appointed within the company. Save time having to look through Companies House. 

Director Statistics

Understand how many total appointments a Director has had, including how many of them are active or resigned.

DataGardener’s Company Director Search feature is there for you to easily find all of this information, offering ultimate customisation when filtering out companies whilst searching for company directors; it provides instant access to detailed insights. Whether you need to search by size, employee numbers or even registered trade addresses, DataGardener makes the process of finding and reaching out to companies as easy as possible.

This is also matched by an ever-improving and evolving user interface, allowing clients to search for UK listed businesses in ways they never knew they needed until they had the option to. The most recent addition, being able to search by director age, helps businesses in a wide variety of fields to further refine their lead generation process, making the process of finding new clients more efficient than ever before.

About the Author

Mark Bennett

Mark BennettCommercial Director DataGardener

Mark boasts a deep and broad knowledge of sales, operations, and account management. With over 25 years of experience working in the financial industry, he has a wealth of experience in the sector and deep and long-lasting relationships with many brokers, introducers, and lenders across the country.

If you would like to get in touch with Mark, please send an email to or connect with him via LinkedIn.

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