How to Search Directors of a Company?

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In any company, it is significant to know who the authorities are. Directors are one of them, playing a very important role. The company director search in the UK is valuable in many ways. The role and position of directors in any business cannot be at a neglected state at all. They are the ones handling the financial and operational aspects of any business. They take care of incorporating culture, ethics, and morals in the company’s environment. The director name search can help you in knowing the background of these professionals. Adding to this, if everything seems right you can connect with them.

How you can do the company director search UK?

Finding a company director can be as quick as searching on Google sometimes. A few approaches in use to look after them are as below:

Companies House – It is the official government UK department. It is mandatory for all limited companies to register their annual accounts information here by the end of every financial year. Finding the director’s information here is simple. The information related to those previous directors associated with the company or the inactive ones must also list here.

Google – Feel free to company search in UK directors by company name. It is the quickest way of searching for anything. Isn’t it? Yes, of course.

LinkedIn – This professional platform is very much used by many to connect and grow. It can be great in getting insights into the professional life of the director of a company.

Credit reports – The credit reports are accessible at company house director name search and other platforms. One of the advanced business listing platforms is DataGardener. It can help in connecting well the dots about the director and the company’s performance. The reports represent the full financial history of the company that is quite helpful.

What information a director search UK can provide?

DataGardener allows professionals to get detailed analytics related to companies and directors. It helps in providing the complete list of all the active or disqualified directors, and the company’s information in an instant. The search results are downloadable and exported to email if required. When completing the company director search UK, you will get access to the following information:

  • The name of the director
  • The relation with the company
  • Occupation
  • Role
  • Nationality
  • Service address
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Status
  • Appointed date
  • Resignation date

Feel free to click on any director’s name to know in detail about him or her. It will let you access the director’s data, the company’s data, and company finances. The information can be helpful in the future and you can even connect with them.

How to do the UK director search at DataGardener?

To conduct the director search UK, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the website at
  • Create an account and login.
  • Search the company using its name or number. If you know the director’s name, the search is possible in direct using the name.
  • Go to the director’s tab and click on the respective name to get access to detailed information.
  • To do the check for any other company or director, repeat the same process.

A quick company director name search can let you know about any disqualification or criminal activity or fraud too. On one end, you can confirm the genuineness of the director address search through the date of birth, proof of address and other details. On the other, you can know about the real status or the disqualification of the director, in case there is any. It is illicit to deal with a disqualified director so make sure to learn things right before contacting anyone. When it comes to connecting with a new company or an authoritative figure, getting an idea of the whole picture is important. You may be familiar with the business or the company but knowing who is behind it is equally significant. So, run a free director search UK right now and know more about the services. Feel free to contact the DataGardener team in case of any clarification or more details.


How do I find company directors?

You can search the company in the Companies House register and the respective directors of the company will show up on your search results. Otherwise, the director’s information on UK companies is also available on LinkedIn or Google.

How do I find the company director details?

Companies House is a good source of information about company directors. DataGardener can also help in finding important details about the company and its directors.

Are all directors listed on Companies House?

All limited companies in the UK should mandatorily be listed on Companies House.

How do I find shareholding directors?

Go to the official website portal of UK Companies House to search for the concerned company. I should show the shareholder names of the company. You can also hire a DataGardener to execute a company check and get a list of individual shareholders, along with shareholding directors.

How do I find a companies master data?

You can get a company’s important details from the official government website of the UK. The company’s own official website is also another important source. Most of the UK companies need to publicly make available their financial statements and annual reports (including the latest and previous reports).

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