Using Data in Your B2B Marketing Strategies

Turning business opportunities into clients is vital for any company providing B2B services. That is why B2B marketing is so important; it turns those valuable potential customers into full-time clients by building engagement between your business and theirs. B2B marketing strategies are critical for this and using the right ones can make all the difference. Everyone knows the adage: ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’, and this is no truer than in the realm of market research. To conduct effective B2B marketing strategies your research must be spotless and using data from the companies you’re targeting is critical.

By using company data, your business can narrow down the kinds of businesses you’ll want to do business with and, ultimately, find a targeted niche that you can be comfortable in. A customer relationship management system (CRM) is perfect for this, allowing your firm to find, track and organize business opportunities based on the client information at your disposal. It serves as a database for any and all information you can collect about your clients. Even if you don’t yet have a CRM system in place DataGardener has a “notes “ function allowing notation against a client record.

As easy as it is in theory, business data can be practically quite difficult to get your hands on. Many companies provide generic financial data such as quarterly earnings for their websites, socials, articles or other public sources, but detailed breakdowns, as well as shareholding information, is withheld for investors. Fortunately, services such as DataGardener provide a single database for all the business financial information you could ever need. Alongside financials, they provide vital B2B data such as demographic data, chronographic data and firmographic data. As well as being diverse, DataGardener also provides completely up-to-date data, meaning that your business will never have to worry about old or incorrect facts and figures.

Using DataGardener, your business can use B2B data as a bedrock for its marketing strategy. With an intuitive design, a large database and the statistics that you need all in one place, DataGardener is the perfect service to give your company a leg-up in the B2B process.

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