About Us


DataGardener is one of the leading UK business listing platforms. It provides accurate and in-depth analytics on companies and directors at the click of a button. The aim is to revolutionise the way corporate information is put into use. We strive to help professionals, business owners, and enterprises to use business intelligence into the depth of their functions. Our complete database has all the information available related to registered companies in the UK. We can help in understanding different aspects of the company, as mentioned below:


It lets you know more about the shareholders that a company has.

Trading Address

It shows the trading or registered address of the company. It is the official address where HMRC, Companies House and local gazette bodies would write to.

PSC (Person with Significant Control)

It explains more about the people having ultimate control of the company.

Related Directors

It shows directors that are related to a particular company and more information about the current and previous directorships.


It shows all the documents related to the company. Example, the incorporation documents, confirmation statements and, finance statements, etc.

Overview of the Company

It includes the company name, company number, category, date of establishment, SIC code and other attributes.


It tells about a list of any charges or other security registered against a company such as debentures, first charges or mortgages.


It depicts the directors with a company and there can be more than 1 director in a limited company.

Related Companies/Competitors

It gives an overview about the related industry companies that are operating in the UK. You can browse the information about the other companies as well in a similar way.


It is one of the most important aspects of any business. You can see more about the net worth and value of the company, net assets and, balance sheet, etc. that will give clarity about how the company is doing.

13 Million+

Companies Data

25 Million+

Land Registry Data

200 Million+

Data Insight

The company data is searchable using different filters available. You can select the option of searching by any specific industry or SIC code, company age, accounts category, and access the desired information. There are many other filters based on which the list can be built, extracted, downloaded, and exported. This sophisticated platform is attracting more than a million customers daily. The purpose of them is to research and dig data relevant to suppliers, competitors, etc.

How DataGardener Works?

The researched and gathered information is from the authentic sources. The sources include Companies House and local government entities. We strive to become the go-to business listing guide for Businesses in the UK. Each relevant piece of information about a company is available here. We provide a number of different plans to suit your requirements and work tirelessly to help our users.

We have covered every vertical, helping businesses in different sectors as mentioned below:


  1. FinTech and Finance Providers – A tool to find new business as well as monitor existing ones.
  2. InsureTech and Business Insurers – It is to monitor existing clients and seek new prospects.
  3. Accountants and Bookkeepers – We can assist Accountants, both small and large, find new clients locally or at national level.
  4. Insurance and Mortgage Brokers – Our property search tools can help find new clients.
  5. Startups and New Businesses – We can help formed companies and businesses scale quickly by finding the right contact.
  6. Marketing and Lead Generation Companies – Data to find new clients and deliver results for existing ones.
  7. Solicitors, Lawyers and Law Firms – Our tools for Solicitors, Legal Advisors, Lawyers and Law Firms of all sizes to find new prospects.
  8. Import and Export Companies – Our tools to help Importers in the UK and Exporters to find new businesses here.
  9. Corporate Investors – Data to find high growth businesses as well as understanding more about the opportunities.
  10. Commercial Finance Brokers – Financial search tools to find prospects that need your services.

Our belief is that data brings people together. It doesn’t matter if you are a long-established business or an entrepreneur, buyer or supplier, we help businesses to understand consumers in meaningful ways. We also assist businesses in making informed decisions about relationships utilising responsive data. Register with us to take advantage of DataGardener’s unique customised dashboard and suit your requirements. You can also set up email alerts and notifications so you can be updated whenever there is a change to a company.


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